Saturday, March 18, 2006

This one's for Corey

Corey asked where I was ~ I'm here, I'm here. I've been busy preparing for the QUILT show. This is the first time I will sell anything other than my fragments. Don't get me wrong - I've had visions in my mind of things I would make and sell for a very long time. I love to "play store." It was one of my favorite games as a child. My sister and I would play all the time. We tried to play "office" but that was pretty boring (what did those grown-ups do all day?) I also used to write, direct, costume and star in plays, but that was time-consuming and hard to do, as I had to round up my sister and a friend or two to find enough people to round out the cast.

I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit. My frist business was making and selling potholders around the neighborhood. I soon acquired regular customers with special orders (purple and white for Mrs. Case across the street, blue and green for Mrs. Jarboe.) Ten years later, with a baby of my own, I made and sold appliqued baby quilts on congignment at a local handmade craft store on MacArthur Blvd, in Washington, DC.

Over the years I've watched my children play this very same game of store. Instead of ringing things up on a cash register, they would "ne=neet" them, trying to imitate the sound the scanner makes as an item is pulled across the glass. When the local supermarket opened the first self-checkout lines, they were among the first in line to scan their own items. When you are feeding a family of 8, it takes way too long to self-scan everything. In fact, it proved to be so bothersome to customers and employees alike, they are no longer in the store.

So to answer your question, Corey, I am busy preparing to play store again....making tags and labels; overdyeing my barkcloth fabrics with luscious, yummy color; making Fragment cards (little Fragments stitched onto 5x7" cards); figuring out my booth design and yes, still appraising some real estate. That used to be my real job, well, OK, it still is, but now along with the artist's & appraiser's hats, I'll be wearing a shopkeepers hat. I better get back to work on my inventory!


Scraps of my Life said...

I love to read your Blog and find out about someone I consider to be my very cloest friend-it is comforting to read your Blog all the way over here in England.....Love ya-your "inventory" will be beautiful and colourful and gorgeous and sold out quick!!!!(Save me a Transfer Kit please...)Lynn!!

katy said...

are you going to sell your fabric bundles, and transfer kits online? i will not be attending the show (i am hoping you will be teaching when you come to michigan:)in september though.


ULLA said...

Seems we all find inspiration with dear Corey. Your work is wonderful... I have long admired your 'fragments', i eagerly look forward to seeing what new adventure you come up with...