Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New York Weekend, Part 1

Pink snow - that's what I call it when the cherry blossom petals fall to the ground and create a blanket of pink snow. I took this picture as I left my house to catch the train to New York. Traveling by train is the most relaxing and SIMPLE way to travel, compared to flying. I wish there were trains to everywhere I had to teach.

In honor of our 35th anniversary, my husband traveled with me on this teaching trip. We took the train to the Hudson, NY station, a quaint building located along the Hudson River. It was a short drive to Greenville and the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. It is an idyllic place to teach and/or take a workshop. (It looks like I may be back in September 2008.)
I don't know whether it was the rainy weather, the wonderful gourmet food and comfortable accomodations or a combination of it all, but we rocked all weekend, producing some amazing work, chatting, laughing and just being in the zone. What could be better?

I borrowed the last of these photos from Loretta, who I have known for years, but this was the first time we have actually spent any time together. She is going to use her exquisite piece in her next column for Cloth Paper Scissors. It was a wonderful class with a lot of breakthroughs - things like confronting ripping fabric, loose unravelling ends, no measuring and ta da transfer mastery. I'll be posting more cool photos within the next day or two.


claudine hellmuth said...

happy anniversary!

I need orange said...

I hope I can take a class from you sometime. I own a Fragment, and was inspired by your Fragments to make my own:

It looks like peole had a wonderful time in your class!

Maija said...

Oh Lesley, I so desperately miss the intoxicating beauty of cherry blossom season! Your class looks amazing, and you can be sure I'll sign up at the next venue you'll be at!

Laura Duet said...

Wow! Those pictures have me all hepped up!! I am so lucky that I will be taking your class in Wisconsin in September with three other friends!! Woohoo! Can't wait!

lydia said...

Damn! I would have come if I knew about it! Ok, next one,

teri springer said...

So glad you posted the class pics. My friend and co-teacher at Ferry Beach, Barb Stroup, took your class. So nice to see a shot of her.

I know everyone had a great time (and probably gained a few pounds).

Hmmmm...I've never been to New York.....