Sunday, June 11, 2006

G Street Fabrics

This weekend was non-stop activity. For someone who enjoys being a homebody, I had so much fun this weekend that I didn't miss my weekend art time (well not much). Friday evening I went to a bridal shower for my nephew's future wife ~ only to realize that I'm one of the old aunts now...when did I get old? Then Saturday was a full day of teaching at G Street Fabrics, the local fabric store that I grew up in. It was a wonderful (and talented) group that included not only the current education director, but the past education director. I felt honored! While everyone produced well thought out and beautiful quilts, I was lax in taking photos of them all. I did manage to get my camera out for those students who lingered late. Here is the quilt Kay made. Kay recently gave up practicing law to be a full time fiber artist ~ she has a promising career ahead of her.
Suzanne has a cool business too. She recycles old hats into purses. I didn't get to see any, but I just got an email from her with her website address. I can tell by the piece she made in class that they are funky and fun - just like her.
The last quilt is by the G Street Education director, Donna. She says she has a dream job. I think she's a dream ~ her work is great too! She already has me scheduled to teach there next April.

My G Street days have come full circle. I started as a wide-eyed fabric shopper back in the 70s when it actually was located on G Street in downtown Washington, DC. I have taken many classes at the store's Rockville, MD location, and now I have taught there. It will take me a lot of teaching to ever come close to the amount of time and money I've spent there over the past 30 years. I did spy a table full of dupioni silks as I left the store. Guess I'll be back soon. Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend events.


nina said...

how lucky they are to have you so close by! and how lucky YOU are to have such a wonderful shop and talented students.
lesley, you definitely have your own style. i'm so very proud of you. shine on, girl, shine on....xo

Lynn Simpson said...

Lynn said-I feel like I am there when I read your Blog!! Go,girl,go!! Love,Lynn

Anonymous said...


What fun to read your blog and see myself in your class picture. I'm working on my piece and will send you a photo when I finish. Since I'm not a quilter or an experienced fabric artist, I am having to think out the order in which to attach elements. I'm assuming that this will come easier with time. So, you'll be back at G Street next April.


Lisa said...

I so wish I could have taken this class (I had it circled and kept reading the description longing to tak eit). I knew I wouldn't be able to get away (b/c of my young kids) seeing as CHA is a few weeks away (and hubby will be in charge then on his own). Any chance you will teaching at the Centreville G Street in the future? I used to live closer to the Rockville one but now am closer to Centreville. G Street rocks!!