Monday, June 12, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Saturday after class I threaded through horrible beltway traffic to get to my sister's house for my Dad's 85th birthday party. 85 and still going strong, Dad is the Executive Director of the American Ex-POWs. Dad was one of 130,201 soldiers captured and held prisoner during WWII. He was in Stalag 17, the one depicted in the Hogan's Heros TV show - although it wasn't fun and games like the show depicted. During the party we had a few photo ops. My daughter, Sara, is flying to California on Wednesday for one of her childhood best friends wedding and wanted to take recent photos of everyone with her, so I played papparazzi at the party.
My daughters love to pose, so I have lots of them and none of my son - just future sons-in-law.

I slept long and hard that night. I'm just not used to all that activity. But there was more! Sunday was the baseball game - Washington Nationals vs. Philadelphia Phillies. Jeff got some great seats for us 10 rows back behind 1st base. And after the game, there was a picnic on the field. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I am a fan of family fun time and this was it. Clearly making memories. I remarked to my husband that the players really looked like boys - and he said, "They are." Another sign that I'm growing older. But better, in my opinion!
We turn not older with years, but newer every day. ~ Emily Dickinson


Paul Lester said...

Lesley, looks like everybody had a nice time! Wish your dad a happy birthday from Claudine and I. He is a hero. We can't thank men like him enough. Have a great week.

Lynn Simpson said...

Lynn said-Wish your Dad Happy Birthday from us over here in England too-I think the work he does is very important!! You look like your daughter's SISTER not mother girl!!! Sara's new guy looks nice...hope all is going well...Steph got to New York safely and is on the way up to New Hampshire on a 6 hour bus ride!!! Happy Summer-it is warm and mostly sunny here at the moment!!!! Ask Buddy if he is watching the World Cup Soccer Matches-3 matches a day for a month from Germany!! Love,Lynn