Sunday, July 16, 2006

Where Has She Been?

This is where I have been, an idyllic weekend in Idyllwild, CA. These are the San Jancinto Mountains. Idyllwild is a mile high. This is a photo looking toward the west...LA, Riverside, Santa Ana. The horrific fires in So. Cal were on the other side of the mountains. We actually flew by on on the way home, the smioke reaching as far up as our plane. A sad ending to our California experience.
And this is what I will tell you about when I get a few more minutes. Duty and family call right now. As the California governor once said...."I'll be back."


Plain Jane said...

Waiiting with bated breath to hear of your adventures (and wonderful students) in Idyllwild!

Lynn Simpson said...

I haven't heard from you in ages-glad you are ok-I am waiting with bated breath too!!Love,Lynn!!!!