Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eat Pray Love & Make Art

As I mentioned in my last post, I am finally reading again. I love getting lost in a book. I have been known to walk down streets reading, read in my car at stoplights and burn a few dinners, all because I was lost in a book. But that lifestyle has fallen by the wayside, primarily because, if you are reading, you are not making art. I had to choose between the two.

But I am happy to say that there is some time for reading again. I want to cram in every word, paragraph and page while there is time. I just finished Eat Pray Love. It was a beautiful book, very timely for me, as I will be traveling to Italy (eat), need to slow down (pray) and am looking for balance in my life (love). It came at just the right time for me and I hung on every word. Even learned a bit of Italian too ~ l'arte d'arrangiarsi: the art of making something out of nothing
I read while flying to and fro Valley Ridge Art Studio in Madison, WI.First stop - University of Wisconsin book store. I love being on a college campus and UW/Madison is one of the best. Then it was off to the rolling hills of cheese country where we spent an unseasonably cold and very wet weekend making art.Here's one version of the weekend: Beth's blog, and here's Laura's version. That's Laura on the left and Beth on the right (Tricia, me and Jane in between)~ they definately had a fun weekend...but who didn't. We were all very relaxed and happy and "in the zone."
Today I had to go to downtown DC. I have not been there for a while and it is always exciting. I drove past all the museums and galleries I have been meaning to go to. I did not have the time to stop today, but I must make time. I must. It is important to fill the well, broaden the vision and drink in the beauty. It was a weird feeling, because I knew that Lynne Perrella and her husband, John, were in town, walking those very streets, strolling through those very galleries. I so wanted to be with them, but will make do with meeting up with them for dinner tonight. They ended up staying about 2 miles from my house! It's great when you can see a fellow teacher and friend somewhere besides an art retreat when we are hurried and working and seeing hundreds of other familiar, fun faces.

In two weeks I will be off again for what feels like a marathon teaching adventure. But rest assured I will have my books with me. Right now it's The Memory Keepers Daughter which is wonderful. Waiting for me at the library is A Student of Living Things YUM!
A (wo)man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of her life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.~ Goethe


Loretta said...

I started Eat Pray Love at the beginning of the summer and somehow misplaced it. Your enthusiasm will make me track it down immediately. My daughter is reading the Memory Keeper's Daughter and has it with her in South Carolina. I am sbout to start The Bookseller of Kabul and Sue Miller's Lost in the Forest.

I think fall is the time to read. It reminds me of school (and I loved school!)

Laura said...

Lesley, thanks for linking to my blog! I am so honored....This weekend was a dream. I am still recovering from the joys of it. I am going to look for the glossy photo paper and wonder under today. You are the most fabulous teacher! Thank you for all of your help. I can't wait for your book to come out in January!!! I have Eat Pray Love, but have not started it yet. I will do so soon. Another great book I read this year was Digging to America by Anne Tyler. Also any book by Elizabeth Berg, Ruth Reichl, Fannie Flagg or Lorna Landvik are total winners!

I also agree with you about college campuses. They are a total blast!!

We will see you again in April in Chicago at the Quilt show!!!

Lynn Simpson said...

I love to read too and I will get that book- Eat,Pray,LoveAs always ,reading your Blog makes me feel like I am talking to you and makes me feel like I am home in Bethesda-Chevey Chase!I can't wait for your book to come out in January either!!Love from Merrie Olde England-Lynn!!

teri springer said...

Thanks for the pic of the Mad City Book Store. I left LOTS of money in that place!! I really miss the Rathskellar and the patio overlooking the lake (not to mention the brats and beer) on these sunny, crisp autumn days!!


Lynn Simpson said...

I love reading your Blog and seeing your art and can't wait to come to one of your courses!!Love,Lynn

Tricia Both said...

When I watched your Making Fabric Books CD, I thought "she feels so familiar", and that is so true of you! I had a wonderful time at Valley Ridge and will get to show my mom my book tomorrow. You are a fantastic, supportive and encouraging teacher Lesley. Thanks for some wonderful memories and some new tricks.

Beth said...

Lesley....Thanks so much for linking my blog. I had so much fun with you. Everyone should be as lucky as we were to have had "Lesley time" at Valley Ridge. I will be with the girls in April in Chicago, so we'll be stalking you at the quilt show !!!!
Thanks again for being so calm with us and making our weekend so satisfying.

Julie H said...

Hi Lesley

I am so glad you have found time to read. I too love the escape. We will meet when I am in your class at Art Journey Retreat in Australia! Yeah!

denise said...

Lesley, your 2 day workshop at ValleyRidge was everything I expected it to be and more! Being amid like-minded souls, with such a open and accepting facilitator as you made it all worthwhile!