Friday, October 13, 2006

Art & Soul

Granddaughter Kathryn @ 3 mos. after a long hard dayThis is how one feels after Art & Soul ~ blissfully exhausted.

It takes a few days to absorb it all and to put emotion into words. Imagine a gathering of women, like-minded women, mind you, that come together to make art. In the process of sharing techniques, supplies, discoveries and truths with new-found and long-time friends, we discover more about ourselves. Everything falls into place. We are more truely ourselves than at any other time, free to express our thoughts and feelings through our art, our voice and our actions. Everyone there understands. We drink it all in, knowing that once we leave this magic, we must return to reality; where things like bills, shopping, cleaning and taking care of someone besides ourself creep in. If we are lucky, we can float on this high until the next big event, stealing time to sneak into our studio, even if it is only a studio of the mind. Remember the magic and carry it with you always.

I would like to recapture that freshness of vision which is characteristic of extreme youth when all the world is new to it. ~ Henri Matisse


Anonymous said...

How true this is Lesley; as I was cleaning the house this morning and emptying the dishwasher I realized that every moment of last week was filled with extreme creativity, a comfort of being amongst like minded women as well just being and taking in each moment.

Thanks again for a wonderful class and opening another portal of creativity for me.

My Best-

Lynn said...

A beautiful picture of Kathryn-she looks so "Riley!!" I am glad you had such a good time teaching-I am saving up to go,maybe next year.....Love from England!! Lynn

Melissa said...

Lesley, it was wonderful to finally meet you at Art & Soul, and I am so grateful we were able to spend time together. You've given me a lot to think about!

Sending you virtual chicken soup for that cold -

Laura Lea said...

Thanks for the inspirational quote that I will use for a fabric art journal page for another woman's theme! It is perfect and I was stressing on what to do for her page. You've been so inspiring. So I want to let you know that I appreciate how giving you are to others in your art, web site & BLOG. I'm presently creating in a tiny half of our office.... alone without people around me who share a common thread so to speak (Not a pun but it says it best) Some day perhaps I can afford the time and money to travel to a gathering of like minded women. Sounds wonderful! Even though I am not around women who share my art, I get a lot from your books and your site- it is nourishment for my soul. Thanks again!
Laura Lea

annie lockhart said... sounds delightful...wish i could've been happy that you had a wonderful time...i am truely grateful that i have found such a warm and sharing group of talented women...inspiring me to reach a little higher for my dreams...thanks for the inspiration...see you soon!

katie said...

hi lesley,
it was a joy to finally meet you and be able to sit down and chat about art. it was also a heap of fun to go to the fabric depot with you and the other fabric-crazed ladies all piled into the car. i look forward to the next time...