Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Halloween

Outside our front door

This will probably be my last post before I leave for Houston ~ so no tricks, just these treats for you before I go. All of my girls did make it to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and it was a glorious day. Just crisp enough to feel like Fall, but not so cold we could not enjoy ourselves. And enjoy we did. We headed to Butler's Orchard, the closest working farm in Montgomery County, MD. Mrs. Butler had agreed to give Sam a discount on 100 pumpkins that she was using for a fundraiser. Four beauties in a patchSam and her roommate started the Ophelia Club at Frostburg State University. The college student members work with local middle school girls to help them deal with self-confidence, identity and the social troubles that abound in middle school. I'm so proud of her! That's Sam (19), on the left, Kelly (12), Sara (27) and Kerry (17).

Is this the Great Pumpkin, Mom?There were special BIG pumpkins for sale down at the shop but we passed on those this year. We sipped on apple cider, sampled pumpkin butter and loaded our arms with apples, fresh veggies and of course caramel apples, before heading home.Should I be a ghost or witch for Halloween?I am really looking forward to the Quilt Festival. I'll be there the whole week, teaching, doing 2 Make and Takes on the show floor and hanging out at the Cloth Paper Scissors booth when I'm not shopping. Hope to see you there!


nina said...

the girls are getting more and more beautiful with each passing year - i know how proud you must be of them all. and them, of you! it looks like you all had a glorious autumn day together. i love you....(cute hair, too!) xo

Loretta said...

What a beautiful group of girls - mom included, Lesley! Have a great time at Houston and hurry back before all the leaves fall.

Beaux Cheris Creations said...

Safe journey Lesley!!!!!! I was cracking up at your reference to the vogue cover being porn for fabric lovers my copy is so tattered and worn as I cannot stop drooling over it. Take care.

My Best-

annie said...

hey lesley...your girls are this an annual thing?...what a fun day! can't wait to meet up in houston!

Plain Jane said...

Beautiful daughters indeed! inside and out. what a gorgeous day at the pumpkin patch!
see you in Houston!
Jane LaFazio

lindaharre said...

Your girls are darling.....I am sure you are ONE PROUD MAMA! It was all worth it, wasn't it! That is how I feel when I get my kids together:-D

Cheryl Doran-Girard said...

It was wonderful to see pictures of your girls--and read about their interests. You have obviously done a wonderful job parenting