Friday, October 20, 2006

Ohh La La

the cover you cannot resistI am dying to see Marie Antoinette For me, it's all about the fabrics, the wretched excess of brocades, silks and satins. I bought this issue of Vogue magazine just so I could salivate over the photo shoot they did (fabric lovers porn). I remember watching The Affair of the Necklace (same time period, Louis XIV, Versailles) a couple of years ago and it had the same effect on me. I was working on my second book and started making a little pile of fabrics that screamed "french" to me. In fact, the quilt I just finished is inspired by the very same things ~ rich, opulent fabrics, jewels, intrigue. Unfortunately I cannot show you because it is for a C&T book coming out next year, Innovative Fabric Imagery. It's all that and more...and I usually don't feel so boastful about my work, but I love it.

Melissa in front of the Portrait GalleryBut getting back to I had a wonderful artist's date with Melissa Hackmann, a talented graphic artist and print maker. I decided to break out of my usual pattern and actually go downtown to see the National Portrait Competition show at the National Portrait Gallery. I must confess, and am ashamed to admit, that I hardly ever go downtown, much less take advantage of the museums and galleries here in DC. Yes, I know, it is a shame. And I publicly resolve right here and now that I will make going a habit instead of a rarity. I'm an artist ~ I need to do this, especially since I have the opportunity and the resources literally a 20 minute, $1.85 METRO ride away.Sam and the Perfect World by David Lenz This is the First Place painting, Sam and the Perfect World by David Lenz. There were many styles represented but the majority were realism, bordering on photo-realism. We got as close as we could to see all the details. More than one painting had hair strands so fine that you would need a one hair brush to paint them.

The wind is blowing, the sun is shining and fall is definitely here. Tomorrow is daughter-day with a trip to the pumpkin patch planned, hopefully with all four daughters. I'll be squeezing some art in tonite. After today, inspiration abounds! Here's a quote from the wall of the museum ~
The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life. ~ William Faulkner


Angie Platten said...

Fabric lovers porn! ROFL! That's so true! I'm there with ya'! I remember years ago seeing "Portrait of a Lady". I didn't like the movie and didn't really "get it" but OMG, the costuming was to die for! If you haven't seen it, rent it just for the drool factor!

deb said...

If you can get your hands on the Criterion release of the 1940 something film, "the Black Dahlia" you will enjoy it for the same reason. Not the current crime drama, it is set in an abandoned monastery in Nepal. I doubt the drapery and clothing are authentic but they sure are gorgeous in technicolor.

Loretta said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are taking time for yourself, Lesley. I've been dying to see Marie Antoinette and will probably go by myself since my daughter saw it already. Oh, the fabric!

Stan and I saw The Prestige - no fabrics to lust over, but oh, the tricks of the mind!

P.s. - how is LK? She hasn't posted in forever and doesn't answer emails.

Sharon said...

TCM channel ran a 1938 version of Marie Antionette tonight that wasn't too shabby. I'm so looking forward to the Houston Quilt Show ~ major fabric fix and eye candy. I think all your classes are filled otherwise, I'd be in one. Hope you enjoy your Texas visit. ~Sharon