Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Whirlwind, I Tell Ya

I had this cognition yesterday. Art & Soul (and other events like it) are a whirlwind, like being on a merry-go-round. What happens after you come home is that dizzy feeling that you have after having been spun around for so long. That tickle in your tummy, but also that slightly woozy feeling, where the spinning continues long after you have gotten off that pony. This thought came yesterday, becaue I realized that I had stopped spinning and was truly back to normal. Well normal to me, which is feeling like I am always running a marathon...or riding a merry-go-round, come to think of it. I just completed a big overdue deadline that the organizers were kind enough to let me be late on, but there are several more waiting in line, impatiently stomping their feet and looking at their watches with the look of disdain on their faces. And I have to prepare for my 6 Houston Quilt Fesitval classes, but I am not frantic yet since I don not leave until next Sunday. Talk to me in a week and see how I feel!

Let's pause for another grandmother photo. I'm heading up to see her right after I get back from Houston. If I don't hurry, she'll be walking and talking and off to college.

Typically, I forgot to bring my camera to class until the last day. Deb Trotter, the Cowboy Sweetheart, really is a sweetheart. She took photos for me in my Story Fragment class. The work done in that class was AMAZING and I'll share it with you when the CD arrives from Deb. Here's a batch I took in my Cloth Paper Scissors class.

Saturday night was vendor night. With camera on hand, I snuck this candid portrait of Nina and Misty.

On Sunday night we escaped from the hotel to go to dinner with Joyce & ended the evening at the most enchanting place, the Rimsky-Korsakov Coffee House.We were seated at the "best table in the house", one I didn't want to sit at because it was so high and was more like a bar table. Well at some point, we all notice that it was slowly lowering, until it was literally in our laps....then up it went again, all so slowly that no movement was ever felt. I hear they have a spinning table and one that slides into the wall too. A must-see place if you're in the Portland area. No sign out front...but magic inside. Gotta run ~ more later.


Deborah said...

What a funny coffee house! Is that Claudine that joined you? I'm looking forward to seeing you in Houston! I won't be in any of your classes, but I hope we cross paths. (I am taking a class from Lisa Englebreght -- very excited about that!)

Melissa said...

Rimsky's is hilarious, it always makes you feel like you are Alice down the rabbit-hole. Glad you had fun there!
It was wonderful to meet you at last and to be able to spend some time talking with you. Will be looking forward to seeing you at A&S in Virginia!


tracy said...

hi lesley,
This is such a wonderful place and it's even a mystery to those who live in Portland. I've asked so many people if they've been there and they've never heard of it. I've been twice and both times it was magical. Did you visit the underwater bathroom? oxox