Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Glimpse of Houston

Look what I made!I taught this class, Sew What ???, twice but only took pictures in the first one - really, how many thumbnails do you want to look at (unless of course, it's you in the photo, and even then, see how some people hid their face behind their book?) Click on the photo if you want something you can actually view. Sew What??? is a sampler class of different materials one might not normally sew on: mica, metal, copper mesh, transparencies, and yes, pages of luscious, hand-painted watercolor paper.

The quiet before the stormHere's a photo I took of the show floor from the second floor before it opened on Sunday. Actually, this is less than 1/2 of the show floor. And then there is the quilt section, which is itself 9 football fields big. So you can see why just walking around the convention center tires you out. Classrooms are on the third floor. Up, down, all around. I must have traversed it 15-20 times in one week. Wish I had found my pedometer before I left. And it's not like I had calories to walk off. We had breakfast and lunch in our room everyday to save money - banana, bagel and peanut butter & jelly. We did splurge on dinner, but even then I didn't have the appetite for much. The only extra weight I came home with was from fabric and books - my two loves.

Finally - a chance to site downHere I am relaxing with Pokey, (Patricia) Bolton, Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors, and fellow teacher and roommate, Christine Adams at the extravagant reception Karey Bresenhan, Quilts, Inc President and Festival organizer, hosted for all of the members of the QuiltArt list, Journal Quilt Project, and Studio Art Quilt Association

ArtGirlz NationI had to conserve my energy for teaching all week, but on Sunday before I left I was able to spend some time on the show floor schmoozing with the ArtGirlz in their colorful booth. It was practically empty by Sunday - they have some great stuff that people flocked to buy. (You can too in their online store). Traci Bautista is there next to Tracy Stilwell, me and sister Allison Stilwell. Traci, Tracy and Allison taught amazing classes in the Mixed Media classroom and on the show floor at Make It University, introducing quilters to their funky style. I won't say who is, but I'm not the oldest one in this photo. Don't we all look great?


Sharon said...

Yes you do all look great. Thanks for sharing. I was one of the lucky persons drawn for the first Make It U workshop on Thursday morning. Really enjoyed the presentation and plan to play more with lutradur soon. I so enjoyed meeting you. Wish I could have had more time.

Deborah said...

So great to see more glimpses of Houston -- even though I was there! You and Tracy and the Artgirlz are so inspiring!

Jan said...

Leslie, perhaps you will bring "Sew What?" to Idlyllwild next summer??? Looks like great fun.

juju said...

yes you do all look great!