Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking

My granddaughters (Emma, Kathryn, Annie), my daughter Kelly in the middleHappy Thanksgiving! Warm wishes to you and your loved ones.

I love this time of year. Not the cold, I hate that part, but the action of turning inward, to home, family and self that winter brings. I spent last weekend with my grandchildren in Massachusetts. When they called me on my birthday, I told Annie that I would make the wish before I blew out my candles that I could come see them (knowing full well I was coming). When I left Monday, her parting words were, "Wish again." And wish I will. It's hard not having them nearby but someday, someday soon I hope, their house will sell and they will head back to Maryland. That's my wish.

Cate's tea room with new pink tinsel tree - see the pile of fabric in the chair on the right? She was showing me her stashWhile the little ones were at a friend's birthday party on Sunday, I went a few miles north to the home of Cate Prato, Cloth Paper Scissors Feature Editor, for a spot of tea. Her tea room is definitley "a room of her own" in soft pinks and greens, filled with beloved teacups, vintage fabrics and furniture. After tea we headed to a well-hidden antique mall in Sterling where she fell in love with a vintage pink tinsel tree. It was quite the bargin and even came strung with little pink lights.Oh My Gosh Antique Mall in the old cider mill I scored a bolt of fabric and the best vintage red dress - too small for me to wear, but large enough to provide me with endless inspiration.

I am not doing Thanksgiving this year, that honor goes to my sister. This holiday is the beginning of a nice long period of nesting and creating. First on the list is getting prepared for my photo shoot for INSIGHT Magazine, a Montgomery County, MD magazine that features local artists, among other things. I had seen an issue a couple of months ago and was so impressed with the quality of writing and overall presentation of the magazine that I thought, "Gee, I would like to be in that magazine." Of course, I never had time to do anything about that thought, but lo and behold (what does that phrase really mean?), they contacted ME!

This type of thing happens so often - I think, and it becomes. It's scary in a wonderful way and just goes to show you that there is something to all that "positive thinking" theory. My favorite school of thought, TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) has the motto "thoughts become things." I get an enlightening email every day from them reminding me of that fact. It's not a magical, overnight thing, but training yourself to be a positive thinker, no matter what school of thought you ascribe to, can change your life.

I love how I get off track when writing these blog entries. What's true in life is also true in art. Just start and see where the art will take you. You do not need to know where you are headed or where you will end up. The important thing is to be moving forward on the path. If a fork in the road calls to you, take it. Trust your inner voice and judgement. Know when to stray and when to stay on the straight and narrow.
Let your thoughts be positive for they will become your words. Let your words be positive for they will become your actions. Let your actions be positive for they will become your values. Let your values be positive for they will become your destiny. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
And most of all, give thanks for what you have.


Cate's Cousin said...

I love this tea room! I have been very neglectful in getting over there and seeing it in person. Now I must. I can just see Cate's delight in finding the pink tree and finding a spot for it! It looks great.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Wonderful message and thoughts!

Happy Feast of Thanks, and heartfelt thanks to you!!

Loretta said...

OMG, I LOVE Cate's tearoom. How cool to see it in person!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Rileys!

annie lockhart said...

hey lesley...wonderful sentiments...darling grandchildren...i suscribe to tut also...and it is amazing what our thoughts become...take care...annie

Jan said...

Lesley, thanks for the Gandhi quote which I'll use in class tonight. I love how blogs can provide such inspiration and this one reminds me of the power of positive thoughts. Happy nesting, creating and holiday!