Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And Did I Mention TIME?

For Cloth paper Scissors March issueI feel like I talk about time a lot - never having enough of it. I reminise about my 20s and 30s. Back then, I had five young children and thought there was no time. HA! Try being in your 50s. You still have the kids but now you have yourself too. All that free time that comes after the children grow up is now absored by living your life ~ the one you put on hold when they were young. Plus you still have the children who a)plan weddings, b)change majors, c)expect Christmas presents, d)want your advice and thoughts on their every move. I LOVE that they want my advice and thoughts, so that one is OK.

Amidst meeting with caterers, making the invitations, finding bridesmaid dress for my other 3 daughters (done - cross that off the list), Christmas shopping, and helping out my parents, I did manage to squeeze in some art this week. Sometimes I think you don't believe me, but I did get two things off in the mail this week. I just can't show them to you as usual, because they are for the magazine (sneak peek photo above) and another book that Lynne Perrella is writing.

I hope you are all having a smooth December and calmly preparing for your own holiday festivities. We'll be chopping down our tree on Saturday and I'm praying the unseasonal 60-degree weather holds out till then. It can get good and cold after that. And for you local Montgomery County, MD readers, INSIGHT magazine is due out on Friday or thereabouts ~ that's the issue with my artist profile article. Can't wait to see it! I'll post it on here once I have it.

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Lisa Cook said...

Time is always an illusion. The more we have the easier it is to waste and when time is tight we often use every minute possible. I hear you on the empty nest issues - the challenges of parenting never end. Parenthood is like a snail shell that just continues to build and grow around and around, layer after layer. And we never really know what is around the bend. Smile tenderly.
Merry Christmas Lesley!