Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've Finally Been Tagged

All this tagging that has gone on and I've always been able to dodge the bullet. But when someone as sweet as Annie Lockhart tags you, it's hard to say no. (She also tagged nina and Misty, so check to see if they did it too.) Besides, this one is funny - 6 Weird Things About Me. So here goes:

1. It's not weird to me, but my family says I hold my pencil, my brush, my fork funny. I rest them on my ring finger and control movement with both my index and middle finger. It's just not comfortable the other way. Am I the only one?

2. Nine out of then times I eat each food on my plate separately, saving the best for last. I taste everything, determine what the "best" is, then eat all of one, thing, turn the plate so the next item is in front of me, eat all of that and then there it is - the best for last. Obviously you would not see this behavior when I have a plate of spaghetti in front of me. I don't think it's weird at all, but my family begs to differ.

3. The latest weird thing (and again, it's not weird to me) is that I sing along with my new Ipod. Of course since my family cannot hear the music, they sit there laughing at me. But hey - I simply cannot keep my mouth shut or my feet still when there is good music playing. I think those who are not moved by the music are weird.

4. Speaking of music ~ I also tap my fingers a lot. On the steering wheel when I am driving, while I am watching TV, odd quiet moments. My husband has been known to lay his hand over mine and say, "Relax". But one of my kids pegged it - she asked, "Mommy, are you keeping time to the music in your head?" You betcha! And this was years before I got my Ipod.

5. I'm struggling here. Obviously we do not really think our own behavior is weird. It's the rest of the world that classifies it as weird. But the next one just occurred to me as I applied some chapstick. It's the chapstick! I simply CANNOT live without it. I carry one with me at all times and reapply several times a day. My lips really need it ~ really. I have heard that you can get addicted to chapstick. I once told my kids that if I am ever in a nursing home, please be sure my bedside table drawer is filled with chapsticks. More recently, when they announced the ban on liquids and gels, and before they approved lip balms (under 3 oz of course), I must confess that I snuck some onto a plane. I could not fathom going for hours without any. So I smeared some onto wax paper and stuck it in my pocket, praying that I would get through security without a major incident.

6.I like to hold my thumb in between my index and middle finger ~ another hand thing. I have a lot of hand issues don't I? Yep. I even like to look at them and admire them. They're not that pretty, but they are marvelous tools, an extension of self, my means of self-expression.

Should I tag anyone? I must admit, this little exercise has been very self-revealing and I have enjoyed it. So I tag you, the anonymous reader. It's totally voluntary.


annie lockhart said...

oh lesley...i am still laughing...thx for jumping in on this one...i wasn't sure how it worked...but it is so funny to reveal this little oddities about ourselves...that we think are perfectly normal! xo...annie

Mary of CNY said...

We must be twins! I write and eat with the same pen/fork fingers. I'm addicted to chapstick. The only difference is I don't have an ipod! Too funny.

Sharon said...

Too funny. I have to admit here, I catch myself admiring my hands too and they aren't even pretty. Just to me.
Thanks for a good chuckle. I had fun doing it too.

Plain Jane said...

1) I'm a Humanist. Again, I don't think it's wierd, but according to others, it's quite unusual.
2) I love Jack Black. He just cracks me up
3) I have to have salty snacks with a glass of wine on a disturbingly regular basis
4)I talk to my cats all the time
5)I'm addicted to a certain shade of green, and everything I've purchased for my house in the last few months as been green.
6)I love my blog

Deborah said...

Me too! I hold my pencil with two fingers on top. Not weird at all. (But I also eat chili with peanut butter. Most people thinks that's weird.)

Laura Lea said...

1. I hold my thumb between my other fingers like a fist. Always have, my husband puts his hand over mine and tells me to relax, but I do it when I'm relaxed too.
2. I love wearing rose scented lotion, peppermint soap, and rosemary shampoo, together I love the combination- I work with little kids and sometimes they sniff me...One boy announced, "I can smell you!" These scents are soothing and have followed me throughout my life. The only one that comes and goes is vanilla, yep it's weird but true
3. I dance around a lot...If excited I twirl and hug myself... family thinks it is silly, I'm used to it.
4. I talk to plants, animals, and sometimes the authors of the books I'm reading- my grandma always said I had the gift of gab...
5. I love to sing, but can't hold a tune and sing off key- I was the only one kicked out of a volunteer Glee Club in middle school and my music teacher when I asked for singing lessons with my piano lessons told my grandmother to save her money! I don't think you need to be musically inclined to love music, I do, I love rhythm and dance!

Lindart said...

I also hold my thumb in between my next 2 fingers. I never knew I did that until I noticed my infant daughter doing it when she slept. I then became aware that I did it too! Now whenever I catch myself doing it, I think of my now 20 year old daughter!