Monday, January 22, 2007

Art for Sale!

Perhaps it's cleaning out the physical and mental space for new art. Perhaps it's to help finance a wedding. Perhaps it's because it is time I parted with these gems. Whatever the reason, I have joined the ranks of Etsy shop owners and have listed 9 items for sale. These are all original artworks. Some have been published, all are from my personal collection. I hope you'll visit! Come see what I have in LaLas Land.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Month To Go~

What stylish brides everywhere are wearing.Weird Fact #1 - That's my daughter in her Bridal Shower ribbon bouquet "hat".

Weird Fact #2 - It was 64 degrees at 2AM on Tuesday, and 24 degrees at 2AM today, Wednesday, January 17. Winter has finally come, hard and fast, to Washington, DC.

Weird Fact #3 - My new book, Fabric Memory Books is currently ranked #1,861 on Amazon, yet I have not even received my author copies yet. WOW, comparatively speaking that's pretty darn close to the big names like the Memory Keepers Daughter, which is #18, or Barack Obama, whose book is currently #28. Why, Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life is #100, and everyone has heard of that!

I know my number is fleeting...tomorrow I'll probably be up in the 10,000s. But I do wish to thank everyone who has purchased my book today, making me such a high-ranking author (comparatively speaking). I say comparatively speaking, because really, outside of our little circle of quilters and mixed-media artists, who has heard of me? I have yet to appear on Oprah, and certainly haven't had my spread in Martha Stweart Living yet, nor did I even have a chance on Project Runway. I am sounding quite silly today aren't I? It is because this is the first day that I feel I have been able to breathe since November, my daughter announced she wanted to get married in February. There are 4 generations in this photo. See me and my Mom in the background, and granddaughter Emma on the right?Since that time I have been through Thanksgiving, Christmas, a bridal shower, my granddaughters (and their parents) visiting, my parents planning a move to a retirement facility, and the exciting but stressful booking of flights to Australia and Italy. I know, there's no pity deserved, none expected really, but it's all rather overwhelming for me...where did my nice quiet "read a book, take a walk" kind of life go? That's a phrase my husband made up for quiet, quaint towns we used to visit - a "read a book, take a walk" kind of town.

Needless to say, I have also been doing a lot of soul-searching since the wedding announcement. I want to be present in my life, the one I had before I began to travel and teach all over the US and now the world. It's wonderful, it has taken me places I never thought I would go, met people, seen things, done things that I never thought I would. I have told nina that I was going to take 2008 off from travelling and teaching. She does not believe me. So here I am, making a public announcement - I AM TAKING 2008 OFF FROM TEACHING.

I want to read a book, take a walk, enjoy my grandchildren and yes, make art - all at my own pace and without looming deadlines and travel itineraries. With that said, I will be keeping all of the committments I already made for 2008, but that's just a handful, Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, a small trip to France and I think there's another (my calendar isn't handy.) I mean really, who can resist this face ?Grandpa Buddy and Kathryn I'll continue this discussion later.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I am a Dedicated Reader - What are You?

What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Friday, January 05, 2007

Invitation Ingredients

For inquiring minds - the invitations were made from 140 lb watercolor paper, painted with Winsor Newton (Cottman) Purple Lake watercolor. The black paper is Daler-Rowney Canford Card in Jet Black. Text (Papyrus font) is printed on Neenah Translucent Printing Paper in White. I had the 140 lb paper on hand, but would probably use 90 lb if I were to do it again.

The silk ribbon is from Artemis.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The last invitation went out the door today. My husband said I should start a new business. I said, "Only if you buy me a professional die-cutter and punch." Perhaps there was an easier way (and don't tell me if there is), but I measured and cut each one individually. Actually, it was a very relaxing and peaceful process. Even after I realized that most of them (ok, 99% of them) will end up in the trash. I thought of florists and chefs - artists whose work disappears or dies. I have always taken it for granted that when I make art it will be around for people to enjoy for a while. I guess sometimes we just work for that initial response, that little moment of delight when a viewer is moved by your work. Case in point: I was asked to make a piece for a new book Angela Cartwright is writing. (Yes, for you baby boomers, that Angela Cartwright). Anyway, she received the piece I did for the book yesterday and emailed me. She said she gasped when she saw it. Music to my ears. It so nice to know that you can create something that can have that kind of effect on someone. Maybe it's just one someone. I don't expect my work to speak to everyone. Heavens, there is plenty of wonderful art that does nothing for me, so why should I expect everyone to like what I do. It is just enough for me to know that there are people out there who like what I do - besides my mother.

I often have people ask me if it is hard for me to part with the art I create. The answer is always no. I derive all of my joy in the making, the creating part. When it is done, it is time for it to go out in the world and spread a little beauty and bring a smile. So that's what I hope for all 100 hand-painted, hand-crafted, hand-tied-with-a-silk bow, invitations. I want them to bring a moment of pleasure to someones life. Perhaps the recipients will somehow feel the love and attention I put into each one.
Yes, we do it out of love. The love that comes from the depths that speaks without the need for reason. It is pure and directs the drive and act of making art. ~ Linda Saccoccio

Monday, January 01, 2007

Free Hugs

My new years gift to you. Best seen with high-speed internet.