Monday, February 19, 2007

The Space in Between

The KissI never touched a camera. Here's a sneak peek, courtesy of my brother-in-law. By Friday, the profesional photographs should be online, but alas, I'll be Down Under by then. Alas? no, I mean, hooray!

The wedding was a magical evening, truly, because I was floating the whole time. Magic because it all went without a hitch. Magic because my son performed the ceremony. Magic because everyone had a wonderful time. Magic because I danced for hours and have neither a blister nor sore body. I mean get-down boogie dancing too. Even my mother was out on the dance floor boogieing in her wheelchair. It all went by so fast that I need the pictures to relieve my moments and everything I missed. The newlyweds are in the Dominican Republic tonite and I am almost completely packed for Australia. My granddaughters and their parents are here with us for the rest of the week. I type this with 8 month old Kathryn in my lap. In the space between my big events, all is right in my world. My daughters & granddaughters

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What is Art?

Wonderful photo by Jonah Koch, www.kochphoto.comYou probably would rather see a picture my art. But this is my art ~ raising my daughter to fall in love with the 'right" kind of guy and living happily every after. The wedding is 10 days away and everything is in place. I almost feel aimless, wondering what I should be doing. So I have started packing for Australia, since I leave 4 days after the wedding and I know I'll be exhausted for at least 2 days afterwards.

I have met all of my other deadlines - my article and artwork to Cloth Paper Scissors, and oh - the quilt I thought was due February 1st is actually due February 1st, 2008, so I got a reprieve on that one. Thank goodness I emailed her to tell her I was a wee bit late. I work really hard to keep deadlines and committments, so the relief that I was way ahead of the game on that one was immeasurable. It gave me time to breathe!

I am putting the finishing touches on a Marie Antoinette collaboration due ~ Valentine's Day, of course. The same day the Marie Antoinette is released. I never did see it in the theatres so I am excited to get it. I pre-ordered it on Amazon. I find myself with so much free time on my hands it's a bit nerve-wracking, yet I am busy all day. Go figure. The calm before the storm I suppose.

I got a lovely email from Lynn Whipple today. She received her contributor's copy of my book, Fabric Memory Books. I really respect her opinion so it was refreshing to hear this - "HI! I got your book today, and it is marvelous. I love the bird book, such perfection! I really enjoyed spending time with your quotes. they really make you feel good, the one about the bear, it doesn't matter if an ear drops off. funny and so true. your book is a refreshing break from a busy deadline, it made me just settle in and smile. and relax. so thanks. Congratulation!! and well done!" Her words made me smile and brightened a cold, winter day.