Sunday, April 22, 2007

Creating in Chicago

Click on any of the above photos to see the wonderful work my students and fellow artists did in the Story Fragments class at the Chicago Quilt Festivallast weekend. I had a wonderful 3 days of teaching there, or as I like to say, sharing what I know, because really, isn't that what teaching is? Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers and teachers. ~ Richard Bach.

In a classroom you are given the time, the mental (and sometimes physical space) and the materials to do what you already know. Creating is an intuitive act. I can teach you a technique, introduce you to materials and show you how to use them, but the act of creating must come from within.

It's like Dorothy and her ruby slippers - "you had the power with you all along," Glinda says. One interpretation of the ruby slippers is that they represent the "inner spark" within all of us. Dorothy and her trio of travelling friends were looking outside of themselves for answers. All wanted tangible evidence of the thing they sought-a brain, a heart, courage. But the proof was in the doing. The same thing applies in a classroom - you learn by doing. A teacher stands guard and prevents your inner critic from taking over. That's it! I'm Glinda the Good Witch, watching over you on your journey, keeping the bad witch at bay and reminding you that you have had the power within you all along.

More Chicago photos coming this week.

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