Monday, April 02, 2007

In Answer to Your Questions

my travelling shoesTwo things keep popping up - the shoes and the camera. I wore those shoes every single day (except to the opera). I have since read that you should always take 2 pairs on a trip and alternate, but these were so comfortable and I never had a problem. They are by El Naturalista. I heard about them from Katie Kendrick and bought them without even trying them on. My sister wasn't so lucky. She tried them on and they just didn't fit her right. They are European sizing and no half-sizes. I wear a 7.5 US and bought the 37. They fit perfectly. I just ordered another style in 37 and they were too small. I got mine at Zappos. I plan to wear them all over Italy this May.

Nikon CoolpixThe other question is what camera do I use. I shot all of those photos with the Nikon Coolpix L3. It's lightweight and small. I need a lightweight camera that I can truly slip into a pocket otherwise I will never carry one. My only complaint is that I wish it had a stabilizer to keep things in focus better. A lot of my shots were out of focus. Nina's camera had the sharper focus, but mine did better in low-light or night situations. Will there ever be a perfect camera?

the WHOLE Riley clan circa 2003On a personal front, my son finally sold his house in Massachusetts and will finally be moving his family (my 3 granddaughters) back down here. My parents are moving into an independent living facility this weekend. Lots of moving (or shifting, as they say in NZ). Lots of changes, new stories to unfold, memories to make. And speaking of memories. I am in the middle of making a quilted fabric book with some of my NZ photos. I'll show you a peek next time.


Catherine said...

I have been eye balling those shoes since Christmas, and seeing them on your feet make me WANT them.

Julie H said...

Oh yes, the shoes are lovely.

Kelly said...

Good shoes are always a good purchase. (And) thanks so much for sharing your travels with us!

Terry said...

Leslie, after I emailed you asking about the shoes, not three days later I ran across them in a new neighborhood shoe boutique. They were shouting "buy me!" But I let me husband buy them for me for my birthday (which is today). You can see them on my blog. Mine are a bit darker red. Wonderful shoes.

AmeliaB said...

I love your shoes! They are so cute and they look very comfortable.


Juliann said...

have to agree about the shoes - definately wonderful!

random notes said...

Hey Lesley
Love the shoes! I am going to Bozeman, Montana for a week and there are 2 stores there that have that brand. I am so excited that I can finally find some shoes that I actually like.
Hope you are having a great time in Chicago. Wish I were there.