Thursday, April 26, 2007

just dropping in to say hi

I spent the bulk of yesterday making kits for the Sew What class I am teaching in Chicago next week: copper sheet and mesh, mica, watercolor paper and more. For every teaching day there is almost one day of outside class preparation. For the 5 days I am teaching next week, add 5 days of class prep, 4 days of travel (to 2 locations), and at least a day or two to decompress and you can see how easily 5 days of teaching takes over 2 weeks. Over a year, that sure adds up to a lot!

It's all very left-brained too, itemizing, counting, making your lists and checking them twice (or 3 or 4 times). We had glorious weather the past few days (rain today, sadly) and I longed to be outdoors in the sun where the air was just the right temperature to wrap myself in. I remembered again how much of my time Down Under was spent out of doors. I felt so good, strong, alive. Part of it was the lack of routine and responsibility, but I know the key was being outdoors for most of the day.

I dream of driving back to Baltimore to explore and photo-
graph more angels. There is a wonderful sense of peace at a cemetery. Buddy asked if I felt any presence while I was walking the cemeteries. I was very involved in looking for and photographing angels, so I had to stop and think...the answer was no, I did not. There was a definite sense of peace and calm that day. He asked because he knows that I usually can feel the presence of a spirit. I have been in a lot of vacant houses when appraising real estate. Homes have vibes, that I know for sure. And some homes have bad vibes or an uneasiness - an unhappy presence. I am certainly no Alison Dubois (Medium, the TV show), but I am tuned in to my intuition. I don't see auras, but I can read people pretty well. Whoa, where is this going? How did I go from class kits to spirituality in just a few short paragraphs? I just love how that happens. I best get back to class prep before I spend the day going down the rabbit hole that is the internet, researching auras and how to see much to do, so little time.


Sharon said...

I'm here, I read your blog, I'm guilty of not leaving comments. Today you got off on to sprits and presence. I can relate to all of that and I think it goes along with being creative and spontaneous and open to it. Love reading all that you share.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever photographed the angels in the Richmond Hollywood Cemetary? I have tons of pics and will gladly send them to you...or save them on a cd? They're wonderful!
I took the pics,so no copyright issues!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley, I saw a few notes down that not many leave a I wanted to say I love reading your ponderings and your blog adds joy to my thank you! I am going to Art and Soul in Va. next week and hope to meet you and say Hi.
smiles, Andra

Terry said...

I too love the stone angels in Baltimore and Richmond. After the last Art and Soul in Hampton I spent 2 weeks and tried to eplore and photograph any cemetary in our path.

Deepthi said...

i think that is why we call out blogs random scribblings...we can go from one topic to another just like that....

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I Have not visited your blog in a while, and am so interested in what you do,......pleased I have found you again.
Was interested to see you are making up kits for the classes you teach. Most tutors in the Uk expect the students to bring the necessary supplies with them. How do your students go on to develop their work individually if they have not purchased their own supplies? I would be most interested to know how whether they do develop their own way of working or count a class as a a "one-off" .
Best wishes