Monday, April 23, 2007

More Chicago Photos

time to relax and visitThe Quiltart/
SAQA reception hosted by Karey Bresen-
han was wonderful as always. It's worth joining either of these great organizations just to be included in the fun. The time is a rare chance to sit down and actually talk to people in what can be a very hectic and hurried week or weekend. Here you see (l to r) Pokey (Patricia) Bolton Editor of Quilting Arts & Cloth Paper Scissors, Judy Murrah, VP of Education for Quilts, Inc, Cara Gulati, Karey, Vicki Mangum, (who treats any quilt you ever send in to Quilts, Inc with superior care and handling), and Judy, a collector of Amish Quilts. I now carry my camera everywhere, but still sometimes forget to use it, so this is the only reception photo I have, taken as I was leaving.

Virginia hard at work - or is it play?I was in the classroom everyday except Sunday when I finally got down on the show floor and did a stint in the Virtual Studio. Virginia Spiegel had already been there for three days and had quite a body of work to show for it. The Virtual Studio is a great concept sponsored by Quilting Arts. It was a chance for people at the show to not only see an artist at work but talk with them.

meeting up with a fellow artistShauna was one woman I got to speak with. She makes gorgeous stitched and mixed media purses. She asked some pretty deep questions about doing art for yourself vs. becoming a nationally know teacher/author/etc. The fact that I am taking next year off answered her question. I look at artists like Virginia and pine for the time and focus to create like she does. I am living my dream, but I forgot to leave any time for growing and my own artistic development in my dream. But that's a subject for next year.

who can resist the colorI met Collett Fenske in Houston. I was drawn in by her bright colors (that accent her red hair) and the fact that she overdyes some of my favorite fabrics - mattress ticking, dots, plaids and stripes. You cannot help but smile when you walk by her booth. Collett is always smiling too!

Here is work from my Saturday class. Everyone started out with the same mixed media materials: Lutradur, felt, transfers, paint, eggs and more, and produced exquisite individual work using their own fabrics and designs. There were 26 in my Mixed Media Art Quilt class but somehow I only ended up with these 9 photos. I am sorry that I don't have the names to go with the quilts. If you see your work here and want me to add your name, please email me. And speaking of email....hundreds of you have looked at this blog the past week, yet there are almost no comments - not that you have to, but it's always nice to know you're there. Nina said she could not leave a comment, that Blogger wouldn't allow it. Is anyone else having this problem?


Cheryl Prater said...

Lesley, my only regret about the IQF was that I missed you completly! So close and yet so far! What a bummer! Maybe next year? cher

Lorri Scott said...


Thank you so much for sharing info about the Quilt Fest. I too wonder about the world of teaching vs. artist vs. business of art which involves promoting. It seems like a circle of events, you are an artist creating, you become a teacher to promote yourself and your work by helping others create, you spend more time preparing for teaching and promoting than you do art so you have to go back to creating art and the circle goes around and around. Good luck with your year off and know that you will be missed but also we will be waiting in anticipation to see what the heck you do!!


Cindy from Carolina said...

I'm here. I read your blog!!

Mary lin said...

Lesley, Thank you for sharing all the pics and info. This looks like a majorly fun event! What beautiful work from all the artists! You must be bursting with excitement after spending time with such a talented group!!!


Laura Krasinski said...

This was a great class.. I was so excited to learn how to work with heat and felt and with Lutradur... Fun class.. We will miss you next year!!!

Patti G. said...

Lesley, class was a ball! :0) My finished quilt is the second small image at the top of your dislpay! I have shared the quilt with my family and folks and people I work with and they all thought all the dimension and techniques were amazing! :) I enjoyed that so much!
Thanks again! Hugs,Patti

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...


Chicago just looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I can HARDLY WAIT until Houston!!!!!

I have already started counting the days - 186.