Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm here! I've only spent 4 days exploring Tuscany and yet it feels like home. That movie i so TRUE! You do fall in love with the country - at least this part of it. I have visited towns whose name I don't even remember. We packed so much into 3 days that i have to look back on my notes and mementoes to remember it all. Volterra, Montepulchiano and of course Pienza stand out in my mind. We arrived here around noon yesterday, dropped our bags so the car my brother-in-law rented wouldn't scrape the road and then headed to Montepulchiano. We were back here by 6 in time for dinner with my group of the most remarkable students. They hail from Norway, Scotland, UK, Australia and of course the US...especially Texas. There's a strong Texas contingency here, but only 2 travelled together. The others are becoming friends as I write.

I sit here in my gorgeous hotel room windows wide open to th evening air, watching the swallows fly. They don't stay in Capistrano... I had always heard of the colors of Tuscany and even made my journal in what I thought the colors were. But until you see it, you cannot understand, nor appreciate the beauty of it all. I have experienced too many things (movies, books, etc) that did not live up to their ledgend, but Tuscany does.

We have had our first day of class and other than being inside all day, it was perfect. I'm off to dinner now. Ciao, bella.
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Julie H said...

Oh Leslie what a beautiful introduction to a journey I know I am going to enjoy - with you.