Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mission Accomplished

One of my main goals on this trip to Tuscany was to get my own copyright free photo of this "famous" chapel. I did it, I did it! I feel complete. Of course as famous sights go, it's nowhere near as dramatic as the others these eyes have seen. Just today my husband and I climbed to the top of the Torre del Mangia, the City Tower in Siena. 300 steep marble steps to the top where you are rewarded for your effort with one of Italy's most dramatic views.
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It is hot here, and after that climb I was, shall we say, 'glowing' profusely. While we were standing under the lightening rod on the top of the tower, the thunder rumbled and the heavens provided me with a refreshing, cleansing rain. No worries (remember that phrase from Australia?), it was time to head back to the tour bus anyway. The mile walk back to the bus was broken up by a gelato stop and a visit to an actual art & craft shop - yes craft! I wanted an art supply souvenir of my trip and ended up with authentic Terra de Siena naturale. Add that to the vintage Italian linen fabric I scored at the market and this gal is going home, fabric and pigment.

Yet it's not time to leave yet. We still have 2 days of class and another field trip to Montalcino for their market day on Saturday. Then it's off to Florence Sunday for a whirlwind 24 hours there before we fly home on Monday. There so much to tell you and so many things to show you, including the gorgeous, to-die-for books my class is creating. I hope you can wait!


claudine hellmuth said...

yay Siena! I heart Siena!!!

Judy said...

Siena, siena, one of my favourite places in the world. Can you beleive that Michael ran up and down those crazy stairs, naturally I knocked my head so many times - but as you say... no worries, mate.

christy grant said...

I enjoyed going "along" with you on your trip and your description of Tuscany made me feel like I was there, too. I loved the movie, also. Your site is beautiful as is your work.

misti said...

Wow! Beautiful!