Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moving Day

welcome back to MDThe Rileys have returned to Maryland - the Brian Rileys that is. They return one day and I leave the next for Italy ~ such is the life of Riley (anyone old enough to remember that show?) But I was here for the big day and that's what matters most to me. They arrived on Mothers Day, making it one of the best ever ~ I had all of my children here, something that becomes rare as they grow up and spread their wings.

Like a good grandma, I documented their arrival at their new house. They were eager to get upstairs and pick out their bedrooms. Annie had won the right to first choice and ended up picking the one that Emma didn't want. Everyone was happy! Then I made their momma & daddy even happier by whisking the girls off to lunch and my last-minute-before-leaving-town errands, so their parents could have a bit of time alone in the house - at least until the baby woke from her nap.annie chooses a winnerwelcome home
my new roomIt was a perfect day, even the weather deserved a standing O. It was a day that I will store in my heart as I travel across the ocean to another land of beauty. In Italy I will experience many more memorable days that I will tuck away. It's a good thing a heart never fills.

PS I have received a few comments on my unintended but meaningful misspelling of college in my last post. Instead of correcting it, I think I'll leave it - college IS a collage, isn't it?


nina said...

my lord, i never can get over how beautiful your family is....kelly is so very grown UP, and those granddaughters - wow.
i'll be thinking of you so very much while you are in beloved italy - thinking of our adventures together in new zealand and australia - i love you very much - xoxo

lizzieb said...

Hi Lesley,
I know you are busy getting ready to leave for Italy...but, in your free time please note that you have been tagged. Please go to my blog to get the rules.

Anonymous said...

I am crying. I love to read what you write. Everything that you think of is so beautiful and rich in words. It is untterly beautiful. I miss you so much. I hope all four of you are having fun. xoxoxoxo.