Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On the Road Again

El Naturalista travelling shoes
Yep, I bought another pair. One can never have too many comfortable shoes. This pair traveled to Chicago and Hampton, VA with me this past week. It was a whirlwind - Chicago Monday thru Thursday, home by 9 pm Thursday, throw dirty clothes in the wash (along with my cell phone), repack, get new cell phone and arrive in Virginia for Art & Soul by 5 pm Friday (a 3+ hr drive). Teach 3 days, then head home Tuesday by way of the Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery. Now it's time to prepare and pack for Italy.
contemplative angelThe cemetery is beautiful but a bit of a disappointment as there were hardly any angels there. But the ones I did find made the trip worthwhile. The cemetery is so named because of the proliferation of holly trees on the grounds. The only celebrities there are Presidents Monroe & Tyler, Jefferson Davis (Confederate States President) and several VA governors. I snapped a few photos and headed home ~ home sweet home.

time for reflectionI was hosted in Chicago by the lovely ladies of the North Suburban Needlearts Guild. Energetic Maggie Weiss arranged my visit and whisked me off after my lecture on Monday to see "the bean" at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. It was great actually seeing parts of Chicago. Usually I am stuck at the convention center and hotel but on this trip I actually saw the city and even had the chance to walk along the beach of Lake Michigan, just a block from my hostess, Jeanne Reed's home.

It was cold and windy on the beach, but I knew I would be sorry if I did not stick my toe in the Lake. It's my thing now, to be "in" as many bodies of water as I can, to mark my travels physically as well as mentally. I have a new awareness of travel and a sense of being in a place that I have not had before. In many ways, so much is happening in my life right now that I cannot absorb it all fast enough. It has not really, truly sunk in that I have been to Australia and New Zealand and in just 8 days, I am off to Italy. I want to ponder over and feel the wonder of all these experiences, yet my schedule and family keep me totally in the present moment. Lake Michigan majestyPerhaps this summer, or maybe not even until next year, the year I take off from teaching, will I find the open mental spaces for the contemplation time I seek.

I have been so blessed with all that has happened these past few years since I began to follow my heart and share with others the magic and wonder that comes from making art. I have met many beautiful, loving, open and giving people and seen worlds and wonders I never expected to see. To all of you who have been a part of it and have crossed my path, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


maggiegracecreates said...

Thank you for this post. I am following my heart and sharing so much more of my art and other creative endeavors and so much good is coming from that. I love shoes too, a girl can never have too many. And Chicago is a fab town - I walked from the Congress Hotel up around the lake to the bean last april. Beautiful walk. I also loved "tender buttons" up on clarke street

Ana Conceicao said...

Hello, my name is ana, I wanted to let you know that I live in richmond and have spent many afternoons walking around hollywood, it is an ever-changing cemetary. It feels as if each time I am there I find a new stone, or angel. I have snapped many of them over my time here in Richmond and would be glad to send them to you if you would like. Let me know. Enjoy Italy! I think if I could pick anywhere to move it would be Flourence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley, you must feel as if you are in a whirlwind, enjoy it, lifes for living isnt it.
You will love Italy, are you teaching in Cortona, it is so wonderful.
Jacky in Australia

katie said...

I think I'm obsessed; I now own four pairs of 'our' shoes; in the wonderful red, apple green, black, and chocolate brown. I still want to get a pair in ochre if I can find one here in the states... oh heck, I'd probably order them from anywhere I can find them! Have a fabulous time in Italy - your lucky students, I wish I were going too.

Mary lin said...

Thanks you for sharing the great pics! Love those shoes!

Enjoy Italy!

wendy said...

hi leslie
great to see you are continuing to dip those toes in the ocean, qwish the sand between the toes, breathe in deep fresh air, look out instead of down, think inwardly and gather from the breezes all your restful thoughts, i am sure some of the nz air is till swirling around in there somewhere!!!
have a great time in italy....
wendy from morrinsville

Judy said...

Sounds like you are very much on an upward lift, keep it up, there's nothing like travelling. Still love the red shoes more - lol. But I guess with all the travelling you are doing you will soon need a new colour for Italy! What will it be?

lizzieb said...

It is just amazing where our art can take us! Enjoy the world!
Liz Berg