Friday, June 08, 2007

Fabric Lust in Italy

I finally found a fabric store in Italy and it was CLOSED. So frustrat-
ing. There it was, chanced upon Sunday afternoon during our rainy day stroll through Florence. But I imagine that was a very good thing: a) because I saved a lot of Euros, and b) fabric is so very heavy and it would have cost even more to take it home in overweight luggage. So I did the next best thing, I took a picture of the interior with all of those bolts just lying there, taunting the poor fabricaholic that could not get in.

Up until that point I was extremely happy though, because I had scored a most beautiful piece of vintage fabric at the market in Siena, and truth be told, it is much more precious being my only piece of Italian fabric. I wasn't planning on spending much time in the markets and having already made my small purchase of 2 meters of ribbon (having a husband in tow does dampen the shopping urge), but this trained eye of mine did spy this gorgeous yardage as I was leaving the market. The old man said, "Bella, si?" and I said, "Si, bella!" - no language barrier there. I was able to bargain him down a few Euros even though I am sure he could tell I would have easily paid his asking price. There was almost 2 yards, enough for me to cut into and share a piece with all 20 students the following day. Of course when we were back in class the following day and I saw what they had scored at the market, I thought perhaps I should have stayed longer, shopped harder. But no, I was happy. One beautiful piece of fabric is an excellent market memento in my book.


Anonymous said...

I covet that fabric!

Anonymous said...

Although I was last in Italy 40 years ago your photos carried me back in time showing the timeless beauty to be found there. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Jacquie in Vermont

Loretta said...

That fabric is so....old European!

With fabric envy,


Susie Monday said...

Hi Leslie -- yes,but you are braver doing your blog in real time, I am posting after I got home. In case you are still in Florence, there are several fabric stores BEHIND the street vendor stalls in the market around San Lorenzo -- you have to find the sidewalk in back of the larger path through the stalls. These are home interior fabric stores mostly --incredible tasstles and the like. Susie

Susie Monday said...

OOPS -- Now I get it, you are also processing the experience. Your writing is so vivid, thoughtful and immediate, I thought you were looking down at the street. Thanks for sharing your impressions. Susie

Corinne said...

Oh yes indeed! And I am SOOO lucky to be one of those 20!! I love my beautiful piece of YOUR fabric! When my camera returns from Frankfurt (another story- on my blog) I will be taking LOTS of pics of my book). This is indeed beautiful fabric! (and I finally found ONE store in Firenze with art paper! So unlike you, I spent way too many Euros - but I'm happy! lol) Of course, Larry was back at the hotel, which is the only reason I got away with so much! lol. The class was fabulous, and I had so much fun visiting with you and Buddy....:))