Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Italian Class

posing for our group photoThis is not a post about learning the language, but about the class I taught in Italy. Although it did not feel like teaching ~ more like a big art party. The beauty of it was having a full week to create a work of beauty, surrounded by all the beauty that is Italy. The classroom was huge and a cool respite from the afternoon sun. I thought I would have some defectors in the afternoon (who would want to stay in a basement all day when Italy what stories lie within these beautiful covers?was calling?) but everyone was so eager to work on their book each day, and some into the night. It certainly paid off. Look at these beauties.

The format was flexible, a book that could grow with the trip, a place to store and add postcards, mementos, impressions and photos. A little fabric here for the cover, some paint on the pages, collage, stamp, emboss, share,Italian beauties trade and swap...we did it all. Here are Lori's and Merete's books. Both a work in progress, because the right things to complete them were miles away at home. And here is the beginning of our show & tell session ~ so much to show, so much to tell. Because we had spent the week together we were old friends, laughing at the same jokes and sharing the same stories,Liz (TX), Annette (AU) and Corinne (CA) but though different eyes. Annette there in the middle, a gentle soft spoken woman of talent, is travelling all summer and thought spending a week creating would be a nice break. I envy her courage to take off alone to places unknown. Liz on the left here, signed up for this while at Art & Soul in Dallas. She sorta, kinda missed her kids. Corinne, an Art & Soul regular and sometimes teacher, kept us all excited and energetic with her unbounding enthusiasm. You can see Italy though her eyes here.

When next we meet, I'll introduce to more travelers.


nancy Gene Armstrong said...

Such lovely art. What a trip. The memories you will have.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.The books look wonderful !