Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mama Mia - Still No Baby

magic awaits youWe're still on baby watch here, so in the meantime I'll share an Italy memory of every child's dream. We were in Florence, strolling through the city in between the rain showers. We turned a corner into a square and magic appeared before my eyes - a full size, grandiose carousel in all her glory. I could barely believe my eyes. Photo ops like this just don't happen at home. It was like being in the movie, Big Fish - was it real or fantasy? Is my story true, or am I making it up for your entertainment?a delight for the eyes and heart

It set my heart all aflutter and my camera all a snappin. I grew up with a local carousel at Glen Echo Park - one that I have blogged about before. But this one was so captivating, located on a city square like it was, set against such a magnificant backdrop.majestic backdrop
It was open for business but there was no one there to ride - because of the rain perhaps? But in that spot the sun seemed to be perpetually shining, a glow I know that was coming from the carousel itself.

The carousel was not the only magic moment that day. I found another down the street from the Ponte Vecchio. Sunday in Florence, rainy and coolthe calm before the storm - the city had seemed deserted, but no! there they were - they were ALL on the Ponte Vecchio. It looked lovely and inviting from the river, but by the time we got to the bridge I did not even want to venture on it. The crowds were swarming. There was no charm in that for me, so we turned the to the left and walked the other way, which was still mightly crowded. T-Shirt shops, leather, silk ties, street vendors with knock-offs, and people, people, people. I was one of them of course, if you go to Florence you must see the Ponte Vecchio. Deserted, I am sure it is lovely, but I can get mass shopping experiences at home and this was not what I came to Italy for.

not everyone sees what I seeThen I looked up. Another reminder of why I was here ~ another magical moment ~ party dresses all in a row, a ray of beauty among the crowds. A few people looked up to see what it was I was so enthralled with, then quickly turned their eyes downward, seeing nothing of interest. It's all in how you look at life. Beauty really is everywhere, if you are looking for it. That day, I found mine high above the crowds and on deserted squares.pretty maids all in a row

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


annie lockhart said...

hey lesley...it's been a while! what an amazing adventure. i love the carousel...it does seem so surreal in that "town square". almost as if these two magical "moments" conspired to just knock your socks off! i adore the unexpected.

Mary lin said...

Lesley, What fantastic pictures. The carousel is ever so beautiful!!! Felt as though I was there.

Lenna said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Thanks so much for posting about your class and the time you spent in Italy. Simply wonderful pictures and descriptions all around! I understand that you are taking next year off from teaching, but I hope to be in your class again one day. I learned so much, and my confidence about what I was doing really grew through your classes.
Thank you, Lenna