Saturday, June 16, 2007

One Special Lady...and a Few Men

Llewellyn travelled from California to Italy to take my class. Rumour has it she is 90. I cannot begin to tell you the places she has gone, the classes she has taken. She is a fine bookbinder but said she learned more in this class than she ever has. I don't think she meant art though. It was her first mixed media class. Her first class where serendipity and creating were the goal. I know that she taught all of us something with the stories and years of experience she shared. A few of us commented that that's how we want to be when we grow up - still going strong, still learning, travelling and having fun.

Llewellyn travelled with her son Brian, who thought she was "too old" to travel alone. But he is not pictured here with the other men of Italy. Three brave husbands shared meals and side travels with us and added another perspective to the week. They also kept a few of us from spending too many Euros (darn). The one in the middle is mine, Buddy. He is flanked on the left by Larry (Corinne's) and Adrian (Glenda's) the printer saviour and official photographer - see all those cameras around his neck.

So there you have it, the classroom side of my Italy story. I still have more of Italy to share but I am expecting a call any day/minute from my daughter who is ready to deliver baby girl Julia. If I disappear from the blog for a few days, that's why.


nina said...

i think that the best workshop of all is an extended one - relaxed, full of ideas and inspiration, intimate - one that allows the students and teacher alike to get to know one another, to bond, to grow close in the experience. obviously this happened with you and your students in the spectacular beautiful surroundings of italy - i'm so happy that you all were able to share in the joy of such a delightful creative journey together!!!!

judy coates perez said...

the whole trip looks like it was such a fabulous experience on so many levels. What an awesome opportunity. reading about your trip makes me want to jump in and start teaching now so someday i can teach in Italy too :)
for now I am concentrating on getting my kids prepared for life and higher education (we homeschool) they are teenagers, so it is not too much longer.