Friday, June 15, 2007

The Women of Art & Soul Italy

Linda, Becky & MereteHere we are - the women of Pienza. Thursday afternoon was spent doing Show & Tell. It was the most entertaining and interesting one I have ever done, because everyone was full of such interesting stories and spoke with such passion about Glenny, Lane & Juliewhat they had done to create their book. Their journal was a place to record not only meals, wines sampled and duomos seen, but a chance to record memories in color, texture and transferred photographs. There in the top row Lori, Joan & Judyare sisters Linda & Becky. Becky says she's never done this before, but you could have fooled me. While sister #3 was at Surtex promoting their company, Fabric Art in a Bag, Linda & Becky were soaking in the beauty of Italy. They owe her big-time!Robin, Kat & Glenda

Merete came all the way from Norway to take the class. Well perhaps Norway isn't all that far from Italy compared to the US. Merete came with a vision and a desire to learn transfers. She created beautiful work in rich, Marcia, Ann, Yvonne & Evedark colors, reminiscent of the long dark winters of her homeland.

Row 2 brings us Queen of Art & Soul, Glenny. She managed to relax long enough to actually make something! When you run any event like Art & Soul, big or small, US or Italy, it drains you. I am so glad she could enjoy herself this time around. Next to her is her good friend Lane and Lane's daughter-in-law, Julie. This was Julie's first time too. I'd love to do something like this with my daughter-in-law someday!

Lori, Joan and Judy were wise and entertaining women. Joan & Lori travelled together from California, Judy from Scotland. Their work was lovely and I hope our paths cross again. In Row 4 we have Robin, Kat and Glenda. Robin & Kat had already spent a week or so touring Italy, and entertained us with stories about hiking in Cinque Terre, where Robin picked up the flu. Imagine! Being on vacation and not able to get out of bed. She eventually joined us on Day 2, and sat very still all day. She said it was nice to have something like the journal to focus on and a relaxing atmosphere in which to create and heal.

Glenda, lovely, sharing Glenda, was the first person I met when I arrived on Sunday and then kept bumping into her in Montepulicano. She and her husband, Adrian, drove to Italy from England. Of course there was a ferry involved. Glenda runs a scrapbooking and stamp business Artylicious and very generously shared her line of stamps and printed papers with the class. Adrian turned out to be a lifesaver in the photo printing department. Using an adapter, I plugged my mini HP portable printer in and still blew the cord - voltage overload. With his background in computers, he was eager to try and get us up and running again, even driving to Montepulciano to 2 computer stores to see if he could get a new cord. He came back with his own new little HP portable printer and we were back in business, so that everyone could do their own water transfers with their own photos. A lifesaver if there ever was one. (Thank you again, Adrian.)

Bottom row - Marcia charmed us with her cheerful smile and Texas drawl. Ann, another Texan was ever so quiet and industrious all week, creating a beautiful book. And the 2 Yvonne's - how rare is that! Yvonne #1 joined us from Great Britain and "Eve" Yvonne from NY. Yvonne #1 shared some wonderful UK stencils and stamps with everyone. You know how we always like something new, new new.

There's still one special woman left. You'll have to come back tomorrow to meet her.

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Julie H said...

Lesley I do hope that you blog your way through your year off - I do lvoe the way your words flow across the page expressing your heart.

That class looks wonderful.