Sunday, July 29, 2007


road trip!!!!Sam took this pix on our way to the beach. I was the driver. Not to worry, we were stopped in traffic before we even got to the Bay Bridge. Seems like more & more people head to the shore each year. Traffic is a given, so we make the best of it. The B hats? Kerry is the Boston fan. So we all donned the caps, turned up the radio and rocked on. We had perfect weather all week. Cool breezes, low humidity and sun, sun, sun.

night fallsThere were 20 of us in one house, no fighting, no harsh words, no nerves on edge. Did I say ideal? 14 adults, 4 kids, 2 babies. 2 blocks to the beach. I took scads of artwork with me and spent the whole week reading (The Icarus Girl, in preparation for 21 year old, Helen Oyeyemi's 2nd book which has rave reviews, The Opposite House.) I needed that - even my husband commented that I hadn't read a novel in such a long time. It's because I have the choice - make art, or read. They are both all consuming. So why did it take me a week to read one You know, you're reading, but also listening to conversation, watching kids run in and out of the surf, stopping to calm a crying baby, and sometimes just pausing to let it all sink in ~ the beauty of a week with my family. So many pages, paragraphs, sentences were read, re-read and read again, which actually brought the character of Jessamy more to life for me - she became part of my family.

another LaLa LandI truly was in LaLa Land all week. This charming, artist decorated restaurant was too expensive for me to eat in, but I took pleasure in peeking in the windows at the hand-painted interior, chair fabric included. Rehoboth Beach is an artsy town on the Delaware coast that has grown so much over the years since we first came in 1971 It was a joy to have everything within walking distance ~ especially the ice cream shops - a must-do after dinner walk.

I even left my camera in it's case most of the week, wanting to be a participant rather than an observer. I didn't feel compelled to record the way I have on other trips. But there were plenty of other cameras snapping all week. That said, I did capture a few memorable shots ~ some of my favorites you see here. Not the typical beach shots,julia in her cocoonbut the moments that make a lasting impression in your heart.

Now it is time to get back to the business of art. I have a book to write and classes to teach. I'm home for 2 months until it's time to travel again and that will be a whirlwind 6 weeks. Best get busy.

night fishin - dad & daughter
I might even try to sneak in another book or two, in between paint, stitch and glue. Any suggestions? What have you been reading this summer?


Loretta said...

UH, we are reading Harry Potter! And the Hot Flash Club Cools Off, and The Sunday List of Dreams, and Body of Work.

But those girls MUST take off those Boston hats!!!!

claudine hellmuth said...

glad you had fun! I just got done with the last Harry Potter. now I need a new book to read!

Cathy W. said...

I'm glad you had fun at the beach. I live in Maryland and the beaches of Maryland and Delaware are beautiful. I love to read but you are right, it is either read or art. Sometimes it is a tough decision.

lk said...

I'm loving your posts about your family. I left my job and it has really made such a huge difference in not just my life, but in my family's lives. Something about your recent posts echoes those feelings of renewed wonder and love. That little pea in her pod is the cutest!!

katie said...

heartwarming photographs and description of your lovely family time...what could be better.

Angie in AZ said...

The beach sounds wonderful! We didn't get to go this year and my soul is yearning for the kind of meditative cleansing only the sound of the ocean and sand in your toes can do.

I've read two good books lately:
The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers

The Glass Castle (a memoir) by Jeannette Walls

And if you haven't read "The confessions of Max Tivoli", it's really good too.... very interesting.

Oh, and "The Memory Keeper's Daughter"! Sorry, I read most every day and have been in a book club for about 8 years so I could make a long list of books! I'll stop with those...

Laura Lea said...

Two books that I've devoured and have resonated with me are The Glass Castle (another vote for this one previously mentioned) and Blink! I'm also reading Rainer Marie Rilke and Rumi (library books) for inspiration. Enjoy! I too just got back from a week beach trip. It is the ultimate R&R! Your posts seems so much more excited and enthralled family has been refilling your well! Glad to read that ring that must be in your voice and adding a bounce to your step too! You Go Girl!

Judy said...

Great photo's - i especially love the one of the baby.

Mary lin said...

Looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Love the pics. Thanks for sharing!! I ALWAYS enjoy your adventures.

cookster said...

My favorite book this summer is "The Girls" by Lori Lansens a fictional autobiography of conjoined twins. Very unusual, heartwarming and delightful. Last summer it was "The Birth of Venus" a historical novel about a young girl who wanted to be an artist in 14th century Italy. Every woman artist should read this one!
Glad you are finding family and relaxation time this summer.