Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My DVD is on Sale!

Big news! My DVD, EXPLORING FABRIC COLLAGE is now on sale for only $19.95 (a whopping $10 off!) through the producer CCP Videos. Early Holiday present? Can't make it to a class? Here's a great opportunity to fulfill one of your wishes. Hurry!!! Sale ends Tuesday, September 4th.

More than just instruction on creating a fabric altered book, you can watch and listen to my thought processes on color and composition, fabric selection, inkjet transfers and more. You see finished artwork, you watch artists work, but here is your opportunity to get inside the head of one, actually see and hear how I think as I work.

Hope the end of summer is treating you well. I'm looking forward to some crisp, cool weather here in Maryland.

Monday, August 27, 2007


We dropped our daughter Sam off at college this weekend. On our way up we stopped and met her boyfriend's family. As Marc's mother, Anne said, we just keep outdoing her by one - she has 5 children, we have 6, she's one of 11 children, my husband Buddy is one of 12. But we are both the same when it comes to having great kids. That night, after we headed home, Marc surprised Sam with this promise ring. Gotta love cell phones - Sam sent me this photo as I was driving home. What was it I said about beginnings yesterday? I'd say the school year is off to a great start!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Has Anyone Been Looking for Me?

I'm here. I flit from family to art, to article writing, to art, to family, to organizing my workspace, to art, to family and back again...sometimes all in the same afternoon. Some may call it ADD, others multitasking. Me, I just call it life. I think I feel better if I get a little bit of everything done rather than spending inordinate hours on one area while the others go unattended and threaten to spill over.

There are 2 bits of good news to share though~ I've been inivted back to teach in Italy again next year with Art & Soul. After only 2 weeks, we have signed up 4 people, a great beginning, considering it's a year away. I'm still pinching myself over the reality of my May teaching trip. Another chance to visit would be beyond dreams. Is it one of your dreams? I'd love to share it with you.

The other exciting news is that I'm filming 3 short segments for Quilting Arts TV. It will be a PBS show starting sometime next year. Stay tuned here for details. The ever charming and bubbly, Pokey Bolton will be the host and there will be a slew of art quilters mixed with traditional quilters and lots of cool ideas and techniques. Filming is September 11, so I've been busy getting all that ready as well.

School starts Monday and the house has emptied out somewhat. Chris moved into his own apartment 2 weeks ago. We took Sam up to the mountains of Western MD for her last year of college and that just leaves the 2 youngest here for now. Unless my granddaughters bop in and out (which for sure they will), it will be pretty quiet here for the most part. Good and bad. I need the quiet time to work, but also miss the activity that a full house brings. I have always approached the beginning of school as an exciting time full of new beginnings, but this year I am feeling sadness and nostalgic over the end of the summer. I'll be so busy that soon it will be winter. Life does go on no matter where our heart pauses.

There is no beginning, no ending. Only the infinite passion of life. ~ Federico Fellini

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm Painting

Oh how I wish I was painting pictures. This is utilitarian painting in an attempt to get organized. Most of you know that my studio and my bedroom are one and the same. A few of you have been inside these hallowed walls and know how the studio part is overtaking the bedroom part. This wall unit is an attempt to bring some order. It was installed in my parents house and they did not take it with them when they moved to their continuing care facility. Buddy dismantled it and rebuilt it in our bedroom and now it is my job to polyurethane, prime and paint the whole thing. There are doors that fit on most of the sections, so the plan is to have a calm and relaxing view instead of the mess that corner has been. What you don't see is the other side of the room with baskets and baskets of fabric and boxes of stuff. My stackable storage boxes with little drawers full of more stuff are currently residing on the living room couch, awaitng their move back to the studio. I already know everything will not fit in this unit, but at least I am making the attempt to organize, clear out the old, unused and "what did I need this fors?"

The other organizational excitement in my life is the arrival of my Arccivo. Again, many of you know that my workspace is on my bed. This involves cleaning it off every night so we could actually go to bed. The minute I heard about this nifty case, I knew it was one of the answers to my problem. Cleaning off the bed usually meant taking a work in progress, usually on my cutting mat, and setting it in some precarious, vacant space - you know, on top of the sewing machine, on my dresser top, balanced on top of another pile (piles, really) - and then hoping that a gust of wind or an errant elbow did not knock it over.

The Arccivo is not only a workspace, but one I can safely store a work in progress with any fear that my design gets knocked out of alignment. In a collage, proper placement is 9/10s of the process, yet securing items is the final step. Now I can stop what I am doing and rest easy. Place the magnetic rubber pads on top of my work, close it up and set it anywhere - even take it over to my daughters when I babysit my sweet Julia. Perhaps it doesn't sound all that exciting to you, but to me it's peace of mind and another step toward making my bedroom studio more of an organized and relaxing space rather than an accident waiting to happen.

Thanks for all the book recommendations. I seem to be reading about 4 at the moment - 3 non-fiction and 1 fiction. One I carry with me on trips to the DR with my parents, one for bedtime reading, another for babysitting and the other for moments when I can steal 5 minutes here and there. I am looking forward to another nice long plane ride to the west coast in September (East Bay Heritage Quilters Guild classes) - lovely uninterrupted reading time!

Monday, August 06, 2007

She's Having a Baby

My dear friend, Melissa Hackmann is the consummate artist. She's due to have a baby tomorrow (see her note upper left corner of her sketchbook page) and spent today on an artist's date (herself & baby) at the Museum of African Art here in DC. I just stopped by her blog and was drawn in by her sketchbooks. Arting up to the very end. I love it!

She's also headed off to teach at Art & Soul in Portland this October - a short two months after she gives birth. She thinks I am her mentor and role model, but baby you inspire me!