Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My DVD is on Sale!

Big news! My DVD, EXPLORING FABRIC COLLAGE is now on sale for only $19.95 (a whopping $10 off!) through the producer CCP Videos. Early Holiday present? Can't make it to a class? Here's a great opportunity to fulfill one of your wishes. Hurry!!! Sale ends Tuesday, September 4th.

More than just instruction on creating a fabric altered book, you can watch and listen to my thought processes on color and composition, fabric selection, inkjet transfers and more. You see finished artwork, you watch artists work, but here is your opportunity to get inside the head of one, actually see and hear how I think as I work.

Hope the end of summer is treating you well. I'm looking forward to some crisp, cool weather here in Maryland.


Pamela Taylor said...

Congratulations, Lesley! I look forward to watching this. A great idea, especially for those of us living in The Wilderness!

Lorna Arlett said...

thanks for making the dvd, living in DE, it's difficult to make it to any classes anymore. I love your work!