Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TV Land

I just finished watching Claudine on Martha Stewart and after my own experience yesterday, I have a whole new appreciation for what goes into the making of a TV show. And Claudine did it LIVE!

I was luckier, my 3 segments for Quilting Arts TV were taped. That means we could stop & start and correct anything that we flubbed. Not that we did that - well, OK, yes we did. But it was unrehearsed and unscripted, so all in all, we did very well. Francis getting ready in the green roomIt's pretty hard to get your point across in 90, or 180 seconds - which is all we had. By we, I mean me and the other guests that taped yesterday - Francis Holliday Alford and Judy Perez. Check out their blogs to get their version of the story.

The show will be on PBS stations by the end of December. It is supposed to be in the same time slot or replace America Sews, so check to see if and what time you get that show. I have discovered that for my area, it is only available on PBS digital channels. Looks like I'll be upgrading my cable service to digital cable. Not just to watch myself, mind you, but because with the talent lined up to be on this show, it's gonna be fantastic. Judy on the green room monitorIt really is the pages of Quilting Arts come to life. And I predict it won't just be of interest to quilters. All of you mixed media people out there will find loads of interesting techniques that you can apply to other things.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn't all that nervous. My biggest mistake was looking up towards the camera - like I would be looking up at my class when doing a demo. The rule on how-to shows is that the guest only looks at the host, mainly because the guest never knows which of the 3 cameras to look into and can look like a fool if they are talking to the center when the camera on the left is filming.

But by far the best part of the show was watching and realizing how far Pokey has come in the years I have known her. She calls me her "other mother" and I can't help but swell with pride to see my 5th daughter excel in everything she has set her heart and mind to. It's been a whirlwind year for her and I'm happy I get to catch the breeze.

My son continues to do well, the evenings are getting cooler, the days shorter. Beginning next Friday, I'll be travelling and teaching 24 out of the next 45 days - my own little whirlwind of sorts.


claudine hellmuth said...

so glad your son is feeling better. you look great in that pink and blue! yay! TV star!!

Elin said...

I wish our shoots had been on the same day! I'd love to have met you. Maybe next time.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Lesley... How FUN it all looks... I am excited to catch up with you at Quilt and to FINALLY meet Pokey face to face. We have had some lovely conversations via the phone or email.

I know she is ONE PROUD Artist having this new show take off!


Catherine said...

I have been seearching PBS in my area and I am pretty sure we don't get the first show you mentioned, so I bet we won't be getting Quilting Arts either...hope you have some time to relax in the next 45 days!!

Samantha said...

Mom you seriously look very thin and SOO cute!! yes, those colors look great on you! your hair cut looks great. You really do look so cute, I can't wait to watch you on TV, funny I always thought I would be on TV someday HA. My mom is famous!!! Claudine was on Martha Stewart? neato!
It looks like the "studio" was fun to film in too. Love you mom!
Love, your biggest fan

Pamela Taylor said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. And so glad your son is better. Take care of yourself these next few weeks.

Karen C said...

It all sounds fantastic! I was bummed because I couldn't find America Sews on my PBS stations either, but then, stuck in a whole different location on my channel lineup I found WETACRTE, channel 874 for Verizon FIOS in Washington DC Metro area. I don't know why they put the WETA channels in different locations but maybe other cable providers do it too.
Now I just have to wait for December!!

Plain Jane said...

wow lesley, it takes my breath away to see all you've been experiencing over the last days. You son, your mom, TV! geez woman!! Thank goodness you've got those new shoes to carry you through.
hey, put in a good word for me with Pokey. I wanna be on her show too! xoxo

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.