Sunday, September 09, 2007


sneak preview of what you'll see on TVWow. A week ago I was in the ER standing by my son. Today he is back to his usual routine and following up on some accident related vision and dental problems, but nothing major. Amen. He will have another CAT scan in 10 days but the DR thinks it will show that everything is OK...physically. Emotionally, I think we both have a new awareness and appreciation of the daily lives we can be so easily lulled into taking for granted. Your words of encouragement and support were just the hugs I needed to get through this. Thank you to each and everyone of you who either posted a comment or sent loving thoughts our way. It helped. It really did.

I am spending the rest of today scurrying like the squirrels outside my door, getting ready to film 3 segments for Quilting Arts TV on Tuesday. I'm flying to Cleveland tomorrow so this is my final day of prep. 3 segments = 3 times the work, but fortunately, I have been ultra inspired and working swiftly. I think it has been all backed up and is really spilling over now. Of course when I know anything about the show airing (on PBS stations), I'll pass it along. I think it's cool that I am filming my TV debut just one day before Claudine does her thing live on the Martha Stewart show, Wednesday, September 12. We'll have some fun stories to swap when we room together at Art & Soul next month.

June Elizabeth Proffit Jackson born 82 years ago todayStarting this week, I'll be out of town every other weekend for my last 4 teaching trips of 2008. I'm mentally geared up for the experience and wish I could say as much for the physical prep of packing and planning and preparation. One day at a step at a time. If I try to do/think about them all at the same time, it's overwhelming. So I'll just tackle each trip one-by-one. I'm off to organize and pack for TV land. Wish me luck!

Happy 82nd Birthday, Mom! (Now you all see where I get my white hair.)


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Good to hear your son is doing well! And good luck in tvland!

Cre8Tiva said... glad your son is doing well...happy day to yor beautiful mother...and here's hope that your teaching trips will be filled with joy and inspiration...i am off on one next week...still making samples...blessings, rebecca

megan said...

Lesley - what an emotional week or so for you. I am so glad to hear your son has regained strength. What wonderful reminders of being in the present.

Lisa said...

I have not stopped by in a while and just now read about your son. Of course, as many have told you, we care and we are happy that Chris is doing well. You sound like you held it all together remarkably well. Once again you become our role model in Life 101. Big hugs to you and your family.

Lisa Cook

Judy said...

Glad your son is ok - what a shocking thing. Good luck with your filming - you'll be just wonderful.