Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Lucky 3s Day

3 beautiesCan I call this a red letter day? All these good things happened to me in 3s today. Three's a number, not a letter, but who has ever heard of a red number day. Mind you, these aren't fantastic things, but there were enough of them to make it a very special day, just the kind where everything goes right and you find unexpected joys in little things.

1. While shopping at one of the super Joann fabric stores, I discovered that they had both of my books on the shelves (a rarity) and then also on the newsstand there was the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors with my art on the cover. - 3 places, 3 publications.

2. At lunch today, my daughter-in-law gave me 3 of the most beautiful photos of her 3 daughters, my beautiful granddaughters.

3. At Hancock Fabrics (OK, yes, now you know, I had my own little fabric shopping spree today. It is my birthday week after all), anyway, on the remnant table there was a discontinued sample book of decorator fabrics. One woman thought each piece was $1.99 and I just HAD to have this one of them (OK 2), so I took it to the cutting table. The woman there told me the whole book was $3. There are over 20 big, 15 x 15" pieces of nice fabric there. $3. That's when I realized that it was a 3 day, but I wanted to call it a red letter day.

Cherry blossoms in the fallIt's been good news like that all week. Yesterday we were told that they would discharge my Mom from the nursing unit and she can move back upstairs to their independent living apartment. She can now come to my home for Thanksgiving. Medicare rules didn't allow her any outings and she's been a prisoner for over 6 weeks.

I love you, BuddyOn Monday, my husband took me for our annual birthday outing. His birthday was yesterday. It's a day for both of us, but he plans it around what I like to do, sweetie that he is. It was a surprise up until we got there. He took me to the national Gallery of Art in DC. It was also Veterans Day, so we parked and walked along the Tidal Basin, home to the famous Cherry Blossom trees and on through the WWI and WWII memorials on our way to the gallery. Not the best weather, but the company was great and the atmosphere charged with positive energy from all the people honoring the Veterans.

Jackson Family plotThe Gallery was hosting a show he thought I would like, The Art of the Snapshot. He was spot on about that. It made me really appreciate my own collection of snapshots and the stories that they tell. Bonus exhibits were the Baroque Woodcuts and Robert Rauschenberg. I enjoyed showing Buddy the transfers he did on some of his pieces. There was even a lovely all fabric piece with printed and transfered images! No photos allowed, darn it. But again, it was a nice feeling to be able to relate my work to his. The nice surprise of the day was to find dear Jane Wynn's book, Altered Curiosities in the museum bookshop. What an honor. I was so excited (and proud of us mixed media artists) to see it there!

eternally beautifulBut that wasn't all! We left about 2:30 to head on up to Oak Hill Cemetary. My grandmother and several of my fathers's ancestors are buried there (the others are in Arlington Cemetary). There's room for me too, since my Mom & Dad will go to Arlington as well. And who wouldn't want to be there for eternity. It's beautiful. Here's a bit from their website:
a lot to be thankful forIn the center of Georgetown, lying along Rock Creek, a neighbor of Dumbarton Oaks and of Evermay, is a 19th Century garden park cemetery rivaled only by Boston’s Mount Auburn Cemetery in graciousness and a sense of community.
There's amazing history there, my own included. It has been quite a week and it's only 1/2 over. Thursday & Friday will be spent in the studio (my dream days) and on Saturday I take off on a day trip with my sister. We have not done that in quite a while. We can talk about all the things we have to be thankful for this year - a rough and tumble one with its ups & downs, but one that has fallen softly into place and left us standing on our own tired feet. A red letter year for sure.

Check back on Friday to see who the lucky Fragment winner is. I have deeply appreciated all of your comments and birthday wishes. Maybe you have all had a part in making not just today, but all the days this week, red letter days. Thank you.


lois scott said...

Lesley, I have been trying all week to leave a comment without success. Maybe today!?

lois said...

Oops! See what happens when one doesn't proof.

Sharon said...

What a super wonderful day you had. Your outing with your dh sounds heavenly.
Happy Happy Birthday.

Lotus said...

Lesley... I can see 'you' in your granddaughters's angel faces! Going to art museums is the thing my daughters do for me when my birthday comes!... because they know I LOVE to do that! It makes birthdays all the more special! You sure are having a GREAT birthday week! I'm happy for you! Lotus

judy coates perez said...

Hi Lesley, Happy, happy birthday! sounds like you have had a lovely time of it. i love the shots of the cemetery the cross with that flaming red tree is wonderful.

Pat P in Palm City FL said...

What a wonderful birthday week you are having. You are a perfect example of one who counts her blessings, not her years. Happy Birthday. Pat

Adrienne in Woodbridge said...

Enjoy your birthday celebrations! I might go check out those exhibits, don't you just love living so close to these museums. I love the WWII memorial.
I need to get down there more, and I only live 20 minutes away....

Barb said...

Happy Birthday, Lesley! Thank you for being such a good teacher and inspiration for so many of us!

(And congratulations on your "3" day. What wonderful things!)


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

SOUNDS to me like you have been having a HECK of a "RED" Letter WEEK!!!!! And you deserve it Mz. Lesley... HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you!


claudine hellmuth said...

yay! what a GREAT day!! forget birthday week, you need a birthday month!


Cathy Wegner said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Mary lin Huskamp said...

Yes, 3 is definitely a lucky number for you!!! And what lovely granddaughters you have been blessed with.


You simply must don your most sexy red dress for this red letter day!!!



Babsarella said...

What a wonderful and exceptional day!!! Can't ask for anything more than a day filled with multiple good things!!