Sunday, November 25, 2007


glorious November moonThis is the reward I get for being a good mother tonight. Kelly asked me to run her over to her friend's house to pick up something. I was tired but I said "yes". I opened the front door to this glorious moon and felt a rush of energy and beauty surround me. I was going to make a quick trip of it and drive, but I went back inside and to get my tripod, not yet put away after the Thansgiving family portrait. We set out walking up the hill, searching for the best place to take the picture. It just so happened it was also on the way to Hannah's.

An evening stroll under the moonlight with your daughter....priceless.


Sequana said...

Just wondrous. It's been so cloudy here in Chicago these last few days, I'm thankful for you guys on the blogs for taking pics of this moon for me.

Karen said...


Lynne said...

Ah Lesley, I see that there were quite a few of us gazing at the moon, and then photographing it.
Did you see my shot on my blog? It was 4 in the morning and it was reflecting in the lake. Now I am doing a painting of it!

Hallows Hex Design said...

SO beautiful. I can get lost in the moon when it's so full and bright. My son also loves it....we have this thing....ever since he was in my tummy I would whisper at it....."Do you know how much I love you?" and I would tell him....."More than the sun, the moon, and all them stars". So, now as a 6 year old tough boy.....whenever I ask him if he knows how much i love him, he says...."more than the sun, the moon and all them stars." Quite a thrill, to see him look up at the huge night sky and wonder if he's thinking of how infinite and huge my love for him is.

Lindsay said...

Ms. Lesley,

I know your daughter Sam through Marc. I met Marc my first day of college at Frostburg and I have had the pleasure of spending time with Sam a few times. I saw the link to your blog from something Sam had online and I can not tell you how inspiration and touching your blog is. It is obvious that you put your heart into everything you do... art, family and even these posts. I find the things you say more and more amazing each time I return. You have a wonderful daughter and I'm sure you are super excited for you new little "Riley". I know you have tons of readers posting how much they love your blog... and I just wanted to say that I adore it as well.

Warm Regards,