Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Waiting Game

I feel like this photo was just taken. Isn't that dress still in her closet? She can't have grown so fast. Looking at the photo now, Sam exclaimed, "What was I wearing?" She always was a little fashionista - loved to dress up.

When did my babies start having babies? That's one of those rhetorical questions...I know when, but what I mean is, how did the time move so fast? At what point did my little ones pass from child to parent? And where does that leave me? Sure, I'm the grandmother, but I'm still the Mom and I still feel like my pregnant days were just a fortnight ago, not a decade or two or three.

My pregnant daughters consult their mother-of-three sister-in-law as the authority on what to buy for baby, breastfeeding, car-seats. I'm outdated, ill-informed and old-fashioned when it comes to modern-day mothering guidelines and apparatus. But some things never change - instinct and love. Let those two things guide you and you can't go wrong. Oh! and experience. And that's something I have plenty of.

Stay tuned for future developments. From the looks of her, she can't last long. While I don't know when will be born, I do know when she won't. She will not be born on her due date, February 5th, which is also my daughter Kerry's birthday. My last granddaughter, Julia, was born on her due date back on June 22, which happens to be her cousin Kathryn's birthday. Now what are the odds that I'd have 2 granddaughters in a row born on their due date which also happens to fall on someone else's birthday. Pretty slim, pretty slim.


Angelika Westermann said...

Hi Lesley,
I know exactly what you mean. There are days when I am looking at the two young women and that young man and think those can't be my babies! Where did the time go? I remember rocking them through the night when their little stomachs hurt as if it were yesterday. (They are 23 and 22, twins among them.)
And don't you worry - you are not only outdated regarding parenting and everything to do with rearing children. My kids tend to give me the feeling I just stepped up from the neolithic age *g*
All the best for the new grandchild and her/his mother!

p said...

Nothing outdated about LOVE...and LOVE is what IT IS all about!! Blessings once again to your growing family...

Vintagecate said...

Those pictures are so sweet! I'm feeling nostalgic and I still have one in grade school. I just got Olivia's course outline for 11th grade and that knocked me back. Life does go on, doesn't it?

Cindy In Carolina said...

Uhmmmm....I wouldn't mention the word "SLIM" to much right now. Just teasing. Thanks for sharing the pics.

ml said...

i thought my mums advice was outdated too. until my baby was at least a month or two. now i listen to her advice almost all the time. except for when its not what i want to hear... my baby arrived on my 30th so ill never have my own birthday again. maybe thats what will happen to your daughter. :)