Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking Back/Moving Forward

This is where I was a year ago, on our wedding anniversary trip to Baltimore. With all that has happened this past year, it seems more than a year, almost like a lifetime ago. This year it will just be dinner and a movie (we haven't been to a movie in 5-10 years). We will sit and hold hands just like we did 38+ years ago when we went on dates to the movies. Ironically enough, the first movie we saw together was Love Story (Love means never having to say you're sorry.) In fact, I can tell you every movie we saw, the day and location of every date, what I wore on every date, the length of every phone call, his mood, the sweet things he said to me, beginning from day one and for over a year. I recorded everything in my diary, first a little white leather one and later spiral notebooks. There were scrapbooks too with movie stubs, gum wrappers, the usual. Little did I know I was recording the beginning, the story, of a lifelong relationship.

A few of you have asked about Lutradur. I mentioned earlier that I filmed 2 online classes for the Quilting Arts Festival. One of them is on Lutradur and will cover all the techniques you see in my sample book for Pellon. They are still working out the logistics, but if you go sign up at their website, you'll be among the first to know the details.

My art production has been down this week. As Riley awakens to this world, she demands more time and stimulation from her babysitting grandma. She's happiest in anyone's arms and gets super excited when she gets her full body massage and alphabet lesson. We carry on wonderful conversations. Sure I went through all this with with my own 6, but oh I'm so much wiser and patient now and can really enjoy just being with her. OK, well most of the time. I still get frustrated like any new mom when she won't share me with my art. I get it all laid out, do some planning & design and then just when I'm ready to commit she wants me again. And all I'm doing is trying to prepare some journal pages, to glue a few scraps of paper down.

Last week I was able to finish up a wee journal from the scraps of papers I used creating a journal for Wendy Cooper. A little more than a year ago, Wendy opened her New Zealand home and heart to nina and I. She so wanted a journal just like the one I made myself for my trip. Finally, a year later, I am happy to say that her very own is now on its way. I would like to be there to see her face or perhaps to see her face when she reads this. Wendy has waiting long and patiently. Surprise Wendy!

So now I have these two journals to fill - one large, with unbound pages (12 x 15"), one small bound tome (4 x 6"). Do glimpses, fragments of an idea go in the wee one? Big ideas in the other? So far the wee one has become a texture journal. A few scraps of fabric and some magazine photos of dressmaker details. I don't want to impose any rules or restrictions, but then again, I want it to have a theme. We'll see. It's been a long time since I had the time and inclination to record my life on paper. I was just reading another blogger who was discussing her preference for using a word processor for her real writing, vs a journal for note taking. That sounds like the way I work. I always feel I have to cubbyhole things into one container or another, but I don't, do I? This is my life and I am the creator. My left and right brains are in a continual struggle for dominance. Order vs. randomity, planning vs. serendipity. Why is it when I know how (Just Do It!) I still struggle with the process? I do know one thing. I will glue tonite's ticket stubs into one of them. And the receipt from our dinner. I'll record what I wore and the sweet things he said. I'll write what it's like to be married to your best friend for 37 years. I'll make my left brain happy by listing and numbering all the wonderful things our marriage has created.

dogwood in bloomPS I will have 2 more Ebay auctions up by the weekend!


Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary!

Natalya said...

happy anniversary...and congratulations on having your best friend with you through thick and thin..

nina said...

happiest of days to you, dear one. you amaze me. xo

Catherine said...

Thank you for the information on Quilting Arts Festival....Happy Anniversary!!

Neb said...

Happy Anniversary. My husband and I saw Love Story on our first date. We will be married 37 years next month. He is my soul mate.

Plain Jane said...

happy anniversary dear lesley! What movie did you see?
Just wanted to stop by and say hello! xoxoxo

katie said...

>I'm so much wiser and patient now and can really enjoy just being with her<

oh so true, so true...i love being a "meema". lilyanne just turned one and is such a snugglebug, to bask in "being", what could feel sweeter. precious moments are these.

Anonymous said...

What is your eBay "handle" - so I can find your listings?

ludwiglk said...

Happy Anniversary! Love those gelatin monoprints!!