Sunday, May 11, 2008

And the Winner Is....

(I tried to get Riley to pick a name, but she wasn't cooperating.)

There were 188 entries (including the 3 that came to my email) - an amazing number of entries. I was so touched by what many of you had to say - about my Mom, your Moms, Mother's Day and the generousity of the giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered.

And the WINNER is...PAM KIRSH - "How very kind of you to share. Happy Mother's Day to you. Enjoy all the blessings you have in your life."

The surprising news is that I found 2 more CDs as I kept cleaning, so we drew another name. DIANE L. of DIMac's Doodles & Heirlooms is also a winner!!! Send me your address, girls, and I'll mail your goodies off this week.

And if you did not win this time around, please check back often as I am still cleaning and will have more giveaways in the future. I'll still do the big box lots on Ebay, but I just love the joy of the giveaway.

On another note, the interview I did last Monday night is now archived on the ZNE Circa Arte website so you can listen anytime, with your morning tea, or to lull you to sleep with creative dreams.

I'm still working on the website for the new transfer product, so hang tight!


Lotus said...

Oh lucky you, Pam Kirsh!!! and Diane L.!!! congratulations to you!!! I hope you have FUN with those image cds!!! And Lesley... you sure know how to have fun!!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to send a big Thank-You!
I received the 2 CD's today and appreciate the gift so much!
Happiest Wishes,

Rhonda said...

Cute 52 and 3/4 I'm about to be come a grandma in November.