Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Art Heart

Alyson Stanfield is making a stop here on Friday as part of her worldwide blog tour to promote her new book, I'd Rather Be in the Studio. If you haven't already heard, the book is full of wonderful info, amazing insight and practical help for those of us who need to stay on top of the business side of art. I have read the book, but I still have one question that's bogging me down. Fortunately Alyson will be here to answer that question this Friday. So please stop in. It just may be the answer you are seeking too.

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lizart said...

Hi, Lesley. First of all thank you for leaving such an encouraging note on my blog about my new work. And the timing couldn't be better to hear more about the business side of art (since obviously, I don't even keep up with my blogging). But, as usual, you are inspiring me. And I will be a better blogger. You're my hero.