Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Art, Already!

Page for Karen Michel's Alphabetica journalThe general consensus has been that you all want to see more art. I agree, I want to see more too. I want to see it pouring out of my hands, paint and fabric flying, colors lighting up the sky, work that makes my own heart swoon. But alas, it's the art of mothering, or actually grandmothering that I'm wrapped up in right now. But I am counting down the days...just 4 more weeks!

One thing I am able to do in short spurts or while entertaining Riley at my side (she LOVES attention, like any almost 4 month old does), is clean, sort, file, organize and when she sleeps, read. One of the things I came upon this week was a file of color copies of the pages I created in everyone else's Alphabetica journals.

Do you have the book? It is a true visual feast but it contains only a small fraction of the over 200 works of art created by the 14 participating artists. This is the page I did for Karen Michel's book. Simple, classy lines, texture, color, image. It was one of my favorites. I'll show you another one - it's there, right above - the new blog banner! Once I spied it I knew it would be perfect. That's the spread I did for Judi Riesch's long journal. It was the first journal I received in my first collaboration. I was petrified! These were the True Colors people, would I measure up? And look at it, I love that page!

Diving even deeper into the stacks, the layers and layers of papers, folders, notebooks, flotsam & jetsam, that piled up so quickly while I was off gallivanting all over the country spreading the word, the art word that is, was another rare collection of images. I found a fat folder of copies of my first Fragments. What struck me were their freshness, the looseness of them. They looked so very joyful - the creation of someone who had finally found a source of expression.

I am reading Thomas Moore's wonderful new book, A Life at Work. I get shivers every time two things coincide in my life, a divine intervention, a colliding of seemingly unrelated activities that combine to bring that sweet taste of wisdom. "A calling is the sense that you are on this earth for a reason, that you have a destiny, no matter how great or small...A calling is the sensation or intuition that life wants something from you."

Here is what I had read the night before, "Up until now, I felt I was waiting harder. I have always had this feeling that there was something I was supposed to be doing, something significant, my creative purpose. I read, took classes, I thought deep thoughts. And it was hard waiting, because I wanted to know. But life reveals itself on its own schedule. It wasn't my time yet. But now all my preparation has paid off. My impatient waiting time is over. My creativity is spilling over. The time is now."

Page for Lesley Jacobs Alphabetica bookThe first words are Thomas Moore's, the second, my own. What only a handful of people know (if they even remember), is that when I originally started making Fragments, each one came with a short narrative, a verbal Fragment. I really wanted people to read the words more than see the art, but I figured no one would be interested in my words unless I first caught their attention some other way, with pretty colors, textures and images. Those were the words on the back of the large green Fragment you see above. The quote on the Fragment reads "It's just that it's not quite time to write them...What shall I do while I'm waiting?...Wait harder, it said." written by James Hillman, author of (get this) The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling . The Fragment and quote are circa 1999. Now, almost 10 years later, after finding and living my calling, I am back examining my calling. But according to Thomas Moore, that is exactly what I should be doing, and that's great news.

Back in 1999 I never dreamed that my words would be as popular as my art. This whole blog phenomenon has enabled women to share their voices, their words. It has connected us as never before. And we are listening. But just as I suspected back in 1999, people want to see the artwork too. Over the next few posts I will share more 1999 Fragments and the word Fragments that accompanied them.


Carol said...

Thanks Lesley, You've always got the right words when they are needed.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

"Wait harder." Hmmm. The right words for me today, I think. Thanks!

Sheila said...

Just beautiful, Lesley. All of your words and art.

Love the "wait harder." But it's HARD.

Kelly said...

Looking forward to seeing the art and hearing the words of your journey over the past 10 years. Thank you for putting them out there for us to experience and journey with you.

Catherine said...

The wait is always the hardest thing for me too (and right now the waiting is super HARD) wishing the wait was over for the time....anywho, thanks for giving me wonderful things to think about!!

BTW, I just noticed our new blog banner and I love it!!