Monday, June 02, 2008

Guess Who's in the House

Claudine Hellmuth & hubby Paul LesterWe didn't even think we would see each other this year since I am not teaching, but my teaching roommate Claudine and her husband Paul, in town for a job interview, met us for dinner Saturday night and then stopped by the house. We fantasized about the fun we'd have if Paul gets the job and they move up here. So very cool. Claudine went to art school here in DC and would love to come back. Keep your fingers crossed! Good luck Paul.

Kelly with Riley and cool KathrynMy daughters keep saying I need to do a family blog entry. Now that all their friends read it, I guess they want more air time. This one was taken a week ago at my Dad's homecoming party. He was away for 6+ weeks at a VA Hospital Rehab center for the Blind. He is losing his eyesight at a rapid rate and for no reason any doctor can find. He has seen specialists all over DC & VA and then in CT. Nadda. So they taught him how to make the most of the sight he has. He has special talking and magnified computer equipment and a lot of special gadgets. He still works as Executive Director of the AXPOW (American Ex Prisoners of War (WWII) organization @ the age of 87 (as of June 6th), so he needs his sight for that, besides the obvious reasons. That and to see his great-granddaughters. I am happy to say he will be moving in with us this summer. An honor and a pleasure. I cannot wait.

puttin the baby to work earlyAnd here's why you don't let the grandfather babysit. Riley will be leaving us soon. Sam's internship is over in 3 weeks and our household will be babyless. It will be interesting to see how much I miss her. I LOVE my weekend time without her and look forward to being "on my own" again....but I do so love babies. She'll be 4 months old June 10. On June 22 Kathryn and Julia will be 2 and 1 respectively,and Emma will turn 10 on June 30. Emma with Julia, Kathryn running behindLots of birthdays this month.

I would have to say, this has been such a year of change for me - last summer to this one. Changes made, priorities rearranged. 2007 was the year of worldwide travel and 2008 is the year of being home. What my thoughts turn towards now is finding the balance, creating a life that gives me new horizons while tending to the miracles here at home. I often wonder, in a sort of chicken and egg paradox way- would this year have unfolded as it has if I had
not arranged to take the year off from teaching. How many things were moved into motion when I made that decision almost 2 years ago ~ a Butterfly effect sort of thing. But I'll never know. Life is lived forward but can only be understood backwards. So forward I go, child in hand, art in head, excited for the future of both.


Adrienne said...

That would be awesome, having all these wonderful teachers in close proximity!!

claudine hellmuth said...

it was awesome to see you sweetie!!!!

pattie said...

Beautiful little ones!! Ah..they do give you a magical view of life again don't they!! You are sounding so happy!

shirley Ende-Saxe said...

Tag, you're it! Check my blog and the post on June 10 for more instructions on the Haiku memoir.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow sorry to hear about your Dad. I wonder if he knows my Dad. He was ex fighter pilot and pow in Germany. He has worked tirelessly to get the WWII Memorial finally built in DC and some of the fighter planes, his plane specially the p47, in the Air and Space Museum then out to the World War two museum. He was head of the fighter pilot group for years. Read my blog - father's Day for more. Your Dad might know him. Elizabeth